Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stop! If You Know What's Good For You....

I've seen on a couple of other blogs about rule followers. I have to admit, I am one also. For the most part. It occurs to me at times. Not every time, but I guess when I'm playing crossing guard it REALLY occurs to me. The process before leaving my corner is to:

1. hold up stop sign
2. blow whistle
3. stay in middle of intersection til every child is out of the crosswalk and on the sidewalk

The steps for the simpletons behind car steering wheels is to stop moving and stay put until the kids are out of the crosswalk. This is for the safety of the kids. The walking kids. 

There's hardly a dull morning or afternoon. I guess this particular morning was no different. I'm doing my usual routine when kids are coming across the crosswalk and a fellow* is turning right. Right in front of the kids who are crossing the crosswalk. 

Then there's another idiot who thinks the stop sign doesn't apply to him. Same story. Same day. He thinks it's okay to turn right when there are kids coming toward him in the crosswalk. Then when said idiot comes back by after dropping his kid off he finds it necessary to drive by me slowly and stare. As if I was in the wrong. 

I wish I had a sign big enough that says: "You people will get to wherever you're going. If you're late, it's not my problem you should have gone a different way or left earlier. You are sitting in a warm, comfortable car. These kids that are walking aren't. If you don't like your odds of getting stopped in the intersection go another way. I have a pretty good memory of the a**holes that come through here. When I see you coming again I will purposely stop you each and every time until you learn your lesson." 

I kid. I kid. A little. 

I gave mankind too much credit when I was considering this job. There are some loons out there when it comes to getting kids to/from school. 

*the father of a kid who plays with my oldest. they live down the street. a fellow with five kids and old enough to know better.

P.S. Kudos to the wife of the older fellow! She called later on that day to say, that he knew he was in the wrong. He apologized. There is hope!

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