Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Constant Variety of Sport

I had a blast from the past on Sunday! We had stopped at Dickey's* after church. On one tv there was some kids cartoon network on so the girls sat facing that direction. On the tv that Hubby and I watched was some sports channel that was showing a bowling tournament. Had this been six months ago we could have cared less. But, since Santa dropped off a  Wii this last Christmas we were drawn to that bowling tournament like kids are to sugar. 

It was Wide World of Sports for the 21st century! The shirts the guys were wearing were even nice to look at. Hubby and I were talking about the tournament and thinking surely these guys have full time jobs. NO! It was later flashed across the screen that there was a million dollar purse up for grabs! You should have seen the curve that those guys had spun with the bowling balls. Strike after strike. Another guy didn't fare so well. 

Yep, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat was in the air. We even stayed around after finishing our delicious lunch to see who won. It was crazy! We even admitted to one another that had we not gotten so into 100 pin bowling on the Wii we wouldn't have even noticed the game on the tv. 

In a house where football has sort of taken hold, it was a refreshing change to watch bowling for a little while.

*kids eat free 


  1. I thought they canned bowling years ago...another sport I like to nap to! Will be checking THAT out.....

  2. While we were at the gym this morning I noticed there's another PBA tournament this Saturday afternoon! Woohoo! ;)