Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three reasons why the individual insurance mandate is unconstitutional

The Cato Institute has three well-reasoned arguments for why the individual mandate for health-care insurance is not constitutional.

I Spy Something White

Who doesn't love children? I mean REALLY?!?!?!

We were in one of our favorite buffet style restaurants on a Wednesday evening before church. Keep in mind that this type of buffet style restaurant is visited mostly by people of an older generation. Much. Older. Most times the kids get done before the grown ups. I enjoy chewing every bite. The kids haven't gained that appreciation yet.

To kill time the kids like to play "I Spy". The youngest of my two kids said, "I spy something white". We were guessing everything from the napkins, to our shoelaces. We had guessed everything we could think of before giving up. My youngest said, "I'll give you a hint". In a not so quiet voice she exclaimed,"It's on that really old lady over there". At that moment we were hoping that "really old" lady's hearing wasn't so sharp, or that her hearing aid battery had suddenly failed. She never looked our direction, thank God!

It turned out that the white was the "really old" lady's hair!