Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear God,

I truly hate facebook. I despise that it has let people show their snarky sides more freely. It's impossible to let more than a week go by without some sort of drama rearing its ugly head! As fast as it is to be excited about something I see, something else is waiting to tear me down just as fast. It exposes the ugliness of peoples' souls for all of the world to see. 

Or is that Your master plan?

I long for our culture to go back to a God-fearing world. A world where we care for one another. We don't let ourselves forget that each and every one of us matters. 

I hate that it has replaced the sound of a voice over a telephone line. I hate that people post everything from what they ate to how many  bowel movements they had. 

If it's Your will to change my heart toward social media then please do, God. Otherwise, I'm cutting it off once again. My life is more productive. What I don't know or see won't hurt me. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Hall Pass Has Departed

During the week of the 4th of July, Hubby was on vacation*. After we got our oldest off to her first church camp we were free to stay up late and sleep in just as late. Movies were on the schedule as well. On the menu was what we like to call a "stupid funny"** movie and an alleged crime "thriller". 

The first movie that we scratched off of our list was Hall Pass. We knew going in that it was about two married couples and that the men get a week off of marriage. We hardly found any humor in this one. One couple ended up crossing the line physically and the other crossed the line emotionally. There was also a seen where Owen Wilson is at a fitness club and he falls asleep in the whirlpool. His character starts slipping into the whirlpool, and two men come to his rescue to pull him out of the whirlpool. NAKED. Full frontal. One of the two men was black. The other white. The movie puts in your face*** the stereotype of the black man's member and then the stereotype of the white man's member. It also didn't help that the hair and makeup people did their best to make Owen Wilson look so unbelievably unattractive. He was H.O.T. in Behind Enemy Lines! What more should we expect from the same people who directed There's Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber

The next movie that we knocked off the list was The Departed. It was directed by Martin Scorsese and nominated for several Academy Awards.  Most outlets describe it as a crime thriller. I describe it as very stressful and just plain awful. The movie was apparently inspired**** by the time that James "Whitey" Bulger served as leader of the Winter Hill gang in Boston, Massachusetts. It was a tale of a crooked cop whose paycheck was being supplemented by the crime boss, and another cop trying to infiltrate the crime organization to bring it down. Of course with mob mentality there was more than enough bloodshed. The kind brought about by shooting people in the head. There was more fake brain matter than I care to think of and see. 

I want my time back from both of those movies*****.  I sometimes wish that I could open the top of my head and pour bleach in to erase any memory of those movies. Where are the good movies? I want good, silly humor without nudity. I would love to see a true "thriller" movie without all of the gore. Did I say already that I want my time back???

**Mindless humor 
***and Owen Wilson's face
****There's nothing inspiring about this film
*****I'm pretty sure Hubby feels the same