Friday, January 21, 2011

Our First Science Fair

It was a dark and stormy morning. A day that will live in infamy. At least in our household. Thursday, January 20 was a day that I was looking forward to. It was a day that the science projects were due and I could have my dining room table back. We had been working on this thing for about a month. Hubby and I did so much of it that we should have had naming rights on this project*!!!! 

We did a project on density. We had three different liquids and three different objects. The purpose was to see how long it took the three objects to float to the bottom, if at all. Then our second experiment was to combine all liquids in a glass container and see how the liquids layered. We even broke out our camera and took pictures for the lovely tri-fold poster board. 

There were some comedic moments during this whole project. After the weekend that we had done the actual project oldest daughter says that she wants to do the project with a friend from class. Let me stress again, we've already done the experiment. I'm not buying anymore cooking oil and honey. We go back and forth with the teacher explaining that all we had left is the report. What good would it have done to now include someone else who wasn't there to see the experiment? So, the Friday before it's due we get a phone call from the kids mom and I had to tell her that we've already done most of the work. 

Another funny was when oldest daughter's best buddy's mom calls the Monday before it's due. It's MLK Jr. day and the phone rings. Friend's mom is asking if the science project is mandatory. I was screaming, "YES, YOU FOOL" in my head, but politely explained to her that it was. Hubby and I wouldn't have been stressing if it wasn't. It wouldn't be any problem for them anyway since they're Chinese. Even though there was only four days left, they'd probably still wipe the floor with everyone else's project. 

This science fair stuff is a big deal. There's a 50 page notebook that comes home explaining all of the requirements. It was sent home the beginning of December. It's a good little bathroom read. 

So, the due date finally gets here. Praise God and all that is good. It's stressful being a parent with a kid who has their first science project due. With rain coming down. Crap. I kept telling the oldest to just keep the board face-side down so it doesn't get ruined. It's like Hubby and I are the ones back at school. I'm anxious now to see what grade the experiment gets. 

I have my dining room table back. For dining**. Life is good. 

*just for the record I wanted to name it, "How Dense Are You?"
**We eat breakfast at the kitchen table, but love having dinner in the dining room. Every day. 

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