Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Got Sucked In

I thought I wouldn't, but I did. I had set the DVR to record The Bachelor, Redux. I could either ignore the hype and delete it, or go ahead and watch the train wreck.  It's been several seasons since I've watched. Poor Brad, he had attempted to find love on the show three years ago but couldn't. Either he really wasn't ready or the girls were just not good matches. What does it really matter? The show's statistics aren't that great anyhow. Even if a bachelor/bachelorette does find "love" they break up soon after.

It starts off with the host interviewing Brad. Explaining away why he didn't choose someone at the end. He also got in to how he pursued  therapy for abandonment issues. After a few minutes of that I hit the fast forward button. Let's get to some good parts. The two girls he didn't pick came out and were interviewed for a short while as well. All was good. Everyone had moved on. One of those unchosen bachelorettes went on to have her own season of The Bachelorette. SURPRISE. She and the man she chose broke up shortly after the final rose. 

Here come the women piling out of the limos to vie for Brad's affections. The first woman slaps Brad and says, "This is for every woman in America". Are you kidding me? Honey, you don't speak for me. The world didn't come to an end because he didn't choose a woman the first time. After getting a b*tch slap he was a complete gentleman. Maybe even a little too much of one. 

Then, they highlight some chick who had a little of an exotic look. Until she smiled. She had gotten involved with some sort of vampire underworld and either her teeth were filed or they were fake fangs. It was vile. It was freaky. It was bizarre. 

Women just kept running over each other competing for this idiot man's attention. One woman "stealing" him away from another for a little conversation. Another woman sticks her rear end in his face and says, "A former boyfriend broke up with me because my butt was too big. Can you handle this butt?" Have women been reduced to whether men can handle the size of our rear ends? Honey, wait until you've popped out a kid or two. 

So, it's yet another season of women pimping themselves out for the affections of this "man". It adds up to another staged romance that will be unattainable after the show is over. Like a freak car accident on the freeway that we can't keep our eyes off of.

After the crazy season premier episode was over I looked at Hubby and said, "I love you". I'm grateful for the traditional people that we are. No games. No fangs. Amen. 

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  1. "The Bachelor" is like a soap opera--tune in about five weeks from now and not much will have changed...except you'll have saved yourself a whole lot of fang action and wasted time.....