Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sometimes I May Want to Return This Gift

We had a great Christmas! Santa brought us a Nintendo Wii. The tag said it was for the whole family, not just the kids. Hubby and I couldn't wait to play it. We had gotten some experience with it over Thanksgiving at my aunt's house. We had so much fun with it at Thanksgiving that we were contemplating breaking out the Wii early*. 

Now it's been in our house for a week. We've been playing it daily. We've had friends over to play and family as well. But, if I hear the kids ask one more time, "Can I play?", I'll scream. They get as much time, if not more on this thing than the adults. When we have adult friends over and we want to play, they are constantly underfoot wanting in on the action. 

I have to come up with some solutions. 

1. Ask Santa to drop off another Wii**. 

2. Send the kids to their room for a long time.

3. I don't have a third. I'm open to suggestions.....

I'm really not complaining about how much time they spend on it. It beats having their brains turning to moosh watching tv. It's great family time. 

*Of course, this was a gift that Santa brought by early because of his workload....duh


  1. I remember doing two things at our house when it came to TV/gaming time:

    1) We had a sign up sheet. We only had one TV so the whole family signed up for "slots" to pick what we watched.

    2) We got a designated amount of poker chips each week. We gave my mom the poker chips as payment when we wanted to use the TV/gaming stuff. (30 minutes for 1 chip) After we ran out, we didn't get anymore time that week. If we had left overs, my mom paid us for them.

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  3. I may have to steal these ideas! Your mom is a genius!!!