Monday, January 31, 2011

You Had To Be There

After church on Sunday, Hubby and I were with the kids eating at a little fast food type place that only serves chicken. Fried or roasted. Yum Yum. We really only went there because our oldest daughter wanted to see who won the ginormous Christmas stocking they were giving away back at Christmas. Of course the worker didn't remember who won it. But oldest daughter was just fascinated by the whole idea of it and so we had to finally put her at ease. 

As we were enjoying our delicious lunch Hubby had mentioned that the chicken would be just as good if it were cold. We love cold chicken. It does taste just as good if not better. Hubby blurted out, "We could open a restaurant that serves cold chicken. We could call it 'Cold Cock". was funnier in person. Guess you had to be there. =)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Going Postal

This Friday was a little unusual. The Friday morning party train was running a little behind and the tracks were a little sticky. I think part of it had to do with my dining room blinds were still behind at the manufacturer and not being delivered today*. I've waited for a month for those blinds. Today was supposed to be THE DAY to have them installed after being behind once already. 

I set out to make a run to the post office. I had found something I wanted to share with my cousin**. I knew she would like it so it needed to get to the post office if I wanted it to ever reach her. 

There's the usual post office I go to. Out of the three main people that work there I pray I get one particular worker. He's always friendly and helpful. The other two act as if they would rather be somewhere else and I wish they were as well. Well, I got one of the other two. I greeted him first and he said nothing. JOY. I chose a box and had pretty much finished folding it up when the guy said to move aside til I was completely finished. There was NO ONE behind me. I had nothing left to do. Cousin's address was typed out onto a sheet of paper because if you ever write out that address it would fill a book. 

At this point in my life, I figure it's too short to deal with people like that. I put the box back on the shelf that I had gotten it from and walked out. I knew there was another post office in the downtown area of where I live so I headed that way. 

I got there at 9:50. There's a sign on the door that the new hours are from 10 to 4. What a cushy job! I didn't get in line at this one til I had found the right size box again***. But, the guy that I got behind noticed I was there before him and he was a gem and said, "Please go ahead, you were here before me". Only 7 more people to go. With ONE postal worker working. 

While I thought I had everything good to go, the postal worker told a lady before me that they couldn't accept her credit card. "Cash and debit cards only" he told her. Seriously? The federal government can rack up trillions of dollars of debt, but this lady can't put her $15 shipping charges on a credit card???? There's some wildly fantastic irony in that one, I just have to put my finger on it. 

By the time I was the next one in line there was another 7 behind me. Making all sorts of jokes about the Federal Government working for us. While I'm still waiting a second postal worker actually popped up, then I guess she forgot something and went back behind the wall. She then reappeared. Thank you, God. Postal worker said that the box I chose would be more expensive than a large envelope and that I needed to fill out a customs form****. I wasn't even aware that they had an envelope big enough for this item. I ended up having to handwrite the address on the customs form. Needless to say, IT DIDN'T FIT. 

Another fine example of the Federal Government run postal service, is that the lady charged me for a roll of shipping tape just to tape the address to the envelope! I guess that could be an excuse to send my cousin more stuff so I can use up the tape before it loses it's usability.

Let me reiterate. I'm not griping about how much it cost to send my cousin a surprise in the mail. She's totally worth it. I'm griping about the inefficiency of the United States Postal Service, and the people that work there.  AUGH!!

*I really don't want to hear that 3.6 billion people don't have the privilege of having blinds in their dining room. 
**Surprise, Corri!
***I searched my house high and low for a stinkin box. 
****I'm not saying that she's not worth it, but if I can save a little money I want to. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Delete. Delete. Delete.

I saw recently where two of the nicest people I know were deleted as "friends" on facebook by other people. That's kind of hard to imagine. One had mentioned that it felt sort of like rejection. I have to agree. I've been deleted. I've also been the deleter.

I don't have that many friends, so it's sort of easy to figure out who does the deleting. But, I feel a little better when I notice they're not on facebook any longer. Who can really keep up with THAT many people anyway? Can I honestly say I want to?

I was deleted by this one guy who I knew in my twenties. I was part of the singles group at a mega church here in the area. We agreed for the most part in every aspect of life. I'm not sure why he deleted me. Maybe it was because I wouldn't like a certain university that he kept suggesting I "like". Maybe it was just a side effect of him falling at work on the tarmac at Love field and hitting his head. Whatever. 

Another one of the people that deleted me was a recent acquaintance at a former church. She and her husband had gone through the FPU class that Hubby and I facilitated. She was quirky and at times hysterical. Not sure why she deleted me. At this point, not sure I care.

Another one from high school deleted her page, but when she came back didn't pick up our "friendship" again. It's okay. It felt awkward anyway.

One girl that deleted me I had gone to high school with. I had posted something about a couple not working things out. The husband was only thinking of himself and their kids will now have to split time between parents. The dad wanted to hook up with somebody half his age. Argument ensues. Her viewpoint was that the adults should part ways if that's what makes them happy. Sort of like the kids would rather grow up in two separate homes than one home with people arguing all the time. There was no way I was going to convince her to see my viewpoint and I wasn't going to agree with hers. There was no agree to disagree button so she pressed delete.

Then, there are those I've deleted. Guys that I've known since elementary. I got tired of looking at a muscle car for a profile picture and no activity whatsoever. It felt sort of like a creeper. Then, there was this one chick that I've known from middle school. When I would see her pop up on the news feed I would have flashbacks to this girl back in junior high. Apparently I had set her off one morning in the gym before school started. Here's this chick with curly hair and two inch thick glasses yelling at me. For whatever reason. Her voice was worse than nails on a chalk board. Delete.

There was one lady would change her profile picture like she changed her underwear. That part is fine. But in every shot there was a clear picture of her breasts. She left nothing to the imagination. I thought to myself, "Woman be proud of your femininity, but don't shove it down my facebook throat." Breasts aren't the only thing that make us feminine. It's so much more than that. I have breasts of my own. I know what they look like. I don't want to know what hers looks like. Delete. 

There are those that I got along well with in school and those are the ones that I want to keep up with. It may not be everyday, but it's when we can. There are those that I didn't get along with. If we didn't get along back then, why would we now? I promise, I'm not stuck back in high school. But, it shaped a part of me and I carry it around.

There were people that I deleted that we went to church together. Past tense. Some of the relationships in person felt forced. Not natural. There were a few people who would post something about every hour. That makes me crazy. I looked at it as if they were taking valuable space away from people who I really want to hear from. I figured if I had to hide somebody I might as well delete.

Then there were some people, from whatever walk of life, that I didn't feel like we had anything in common. If we weren't going to ever socialize in real life, why socialize in the electronic world?

I've even deleted family. I had one member get accusatory on a specific post. They were doing the exact thing that they were accusing me of doing. I don't have time for people inserting drama where there is none intended. This wasn't the first time that person had done this. Delete. There were others that I just got tired of being belittled by. I'm almost 42 years old and I deserve to be treated better than they treated me. That person has an excuse for everything. If it's not their idea it's not any good. Nobody can tell them anything. My experiences or opinions are not any less valuable because I am younger. Delete.

I think it's funny when facebook suggests people as friends and those people are those that have deleted me or that I have deleted. In this day and age you mean to tell me that this social network can't figure out the bug that suggests those people?? I smile and move on..

I'm not sure why others delete, but these are some of the reasons I have. I'm not saying that that makes it right or wrong. For some it's a "Get them before they get me" mentality. I've heard others say, "I have pictures of my kids on my page and I want access to them limited". This electronic revolution has taken the responsibility of face to face connections and turned it into a wall to hide behind. But, I guess it's here to stay. How we choose to deal with it is our choice.

I saw this video on my cousin's page. I love it! She happens to be an English teacher in South Korea (4.32 mark). 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stop! If You Know What's Good For You....

I've seen on a couple of other blogs about rule followers. I have to admit, I am one also. For the most part. It occurs to me at times. Not every time, but I guess when I'm playing crossing guard it REALLY occurs to me. The process before leaving my corner is to:

1. hold up stop sign
2. blow whistle
3. stay in middle of intersection til every child is out of the crosswalk and on the sidewalk

The steps for the simpletons behind car steering wheels is to stop moving and stay put until the kids are out of the crosswalk. This is for the safety of the kids. The walking kids. 

There's hardly a dull morning or afternoon. I guess this particular morning was no different. I'm doing my usual routine when kids are coming across the crosswalk and a fellow* is turning right. Right in front of the kids who are crossing the crosswalk. 

Then there's another idiot who thinks the stop sign doesn't apply to him. Same story. Same day. He thinks it's okay to turn right when there are kids coming toward him in the crosswalk. Then when said idiot comes back by after dropping his kid off he finds it necessary to drive by me slowly and stare. As if I was in the wrong. 

I wish I had a sign big enough that says: "You people will get to wherever you're going. If you're late, it's not my problem you should have gone a different way or left earlier. You are sitting in a warm, comfortable car. These kids that are walking aren't. If you don't like your odds of getting stopped in the intersection go another way. I have a pretty good memory of the a**holes that come through here. When I see you coming again I will purposely stop you each and every time until you learn your lesson." 

I kid. I kid. A little. 

I gave mankind too much credit when I was considering this job. There are some loons out there when it comes to getting kids to/from school. 

*the father of a kid who plays with my oldest. they live down the street. a fellow with five kids and old enough to know better.

P.S. Kudos to the wife of the older fellow! She called later on that day to say, that he knew he was in the wrong. He apologized. There is hope!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

He May Not Want To, But I Know He Can!

Last Thursday was a day of many things around here. It was yet another visit for me at the dentist office with sedation! Ugh!! I wasn't even able to enjoy the Valium coated haze that lay before me. Coherency during one of these visits is a major biotch!! 

Hubby dropped me off at the dentist at 9am sharp. There was time for me to sit in an awfully cold faux leather dentist chair, with apparently a new dental assistant who didn't say a word. She (and I) was just waiting for my favorite dental hygienist to have her chair free so we could all get started. One of the many reasons S is my favorite is because of her bedside manor. She offered the warmed up neck pillow and a blanket to boot. She gets that it's nothing personal, but she tries and makes me as comfortable as possible. After I was taken care of Hubby was off to play Mr. Mom. 

Thursday was also payday. For us that means a run to the bank and getting our budget in order for the next two weeks. Once the cash runs out, the spending is over. 

Next, our youngest was VIP for the week in Kindergarten. On that specific day we had to provide a snack for the class with the letter of the week (H) in the name. Good luck Hubby! I just told him to get the chewy chocolate chip fiber bars and that'd be fine. He got them up to the school in plenty of time. 

After getting me home to go to bed he had a reprieve. For a little while. He got to watch a couple of episodes of Dr. Who then it was time to get the kids. I had told the girls at least three times before school that daddy was doing pick up duty that afternoon. He had gone to get them in the car because it was below freezing. Do you think they were there? NOPE! Hubby had a minor heart attack because the two children that had been told to wait for daddy - didn't. 

Soon after school is over on Thursdays comes swim class. It's time to tackle the bathing suits and getting towels together with goggles in tow. With bags filled with dry clothes to change into they were off and on time. With both kids out of class by 5 o'clock the question of dinner arises. So, it's off to Little Caesar's to bring home some very inexpensive, but awfully convenient pizza for dinner. 

Dinner came and went in a flash and it was time to shower the chlorine out of the kids. Once cleaned up and in pajama's it's bedtime. It's been a busy day. 

By 8:30 Hubby was asleep. I had been sleeping for half of the day, so I was almost wide awake. He stepped up to the plate. Not that I didn't think he could. He was Hubby, mommy AND daddy. He didn't complain. Not once. 

Although I may need reminders once in a while, he is a wonderful man. I am very lucky that I have him for my husband. I appreciate all that he does and everything he is. He is filled with a very giving and loving spirit. There will never be another who could fill those shoes. He may not ever want to trade jobs, but at least I know he can*. 

*Ha! Like that would ever happen. It's not like I want to go out to the real world either. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Friday Morning Party Train

Fridays, by far, are my most favorite day! On Friday mornings there is a party in my head and in my heart. They are warm and fuzzy even when it's 25 degrees outside. It's the kick off to the weekend. A kick off to fun. Most of the time. 

My children haven't gotten this memo apparently. I tell my kids the tv gets turned off at 6:30 in the morning. There is breakfast to be had. There are clothes to put on. Hair and teeth to brush. There are backpacks to get together and out the door we go so I can get to my crossing guard duty. 

Leave it to my youngest and most opinionated* to change her mind about what she wants to wear, what socks she wants and how she wants to wear her hair.  It drives me nuts. I don't have time for her to change her mind 20 times. We get into an argument. Daddy backs me up and youngest is almost in tears. 

I have to tell my oldest at least three times to finish eating instead of playing with the dog. Three times. I don't have the clothing argument with her because she doesn't care what she wears. Yet. But she acts as if I've just beaten her with a stick for telling her to eat instead of playing with the dog. She could have done that instead of watching tv. 

When we get into the car, their backpacks should be on their backs. Not back in the house. It's 25 degrees outside and I've told them more than once that their jackets should be zipped. Are they?? 

THESE CHILDREN NEED TO GET ON BOARD THE FRIDAY MORNING PARTY TRAIN!!!!! Friday mornings shouldn't suck like this last one. It's supposed to be "Fabulous Friday" around our house. 

*who picks out her clothes the night before

Friday, January 21, 2011

Our First Science Fair

It was a dark and stormy morning. A day that will live in infamy. At least in our household. Thursday, January 20 was a day that I was looking forward to. It was a day that the science projects were due and I could have my dining room table back. We had been working on this thing for about a month. Hubby and I did so much of it that we should have had naming rights on this project*!!!! 

We did a project on density. We had three different liquids and three different objects. The purpose was to see how long it took the three objects to float to the bottom, if at all. Then our second experiment was to combine all liquids in a glass container and see how the liquids layered. We even broke out our camera and took pictures for the lovely tri-fold poster board. 

There were some comedic moments during this whole project. After the weekend that we had done the actual project oldest daughter says that she wants to do the project with a friend from class. Let me stress again, we've already done the experiment. I'm not buying anymore cooking oil and honey. We go back and forth with the teacher explaining that all we had left is the report. What good would it have done to now include someone else who wasn't there to see the experiment? So, the Friday before it's due we get a phone call from the kids mom and I had to tell her that we've already done most of the work. 

Another funny was when oldest daughter's best buddy's mom calls the Monday before it's due. It's MLK Jr. day and the phone rings. Friend's mom is asking if the science project is mandatory. I was screaming, "YES, YOU FOOL" in my head, but politely explained to her that it was. Hubby and I wouldn't have been stressing if it wasn't. It wouldn't be any problem for them anyway since they're Chinese. Even though there was only four days left, they'd probably still wipe the floor with everyone else's project. 

This science fair stuff is a big deal. There's a 50 page notebook that comes home explaining all of the requirements. It was sent home the beginning of December. It's a good little bathroom read. 

So, the due date finally gets here. Praise God and all that is good. It's stressful being a parent with a kid who has their first science project due. With rain coming down. Crap. I kept telling the oldest to just keep the board face-side down so it doesn't get ruined. It's like Hubby and I are the ones back at school. I'm anxious now to see what grade the experiment gets. 

I have my dining room table back. For dining**. Life is good. 

*just for the record I wanted to name it, "How Dense Are You?"
**We eat breakfast at the kitchen table, but love having dinner in the dining room. Every day. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Relationships and Their Ups and Downs

William James* once said, "Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude." Forget conflict, isn't everything better when your attitude is in check? On most days my attitude longs to be different. Then, when striving to be different with people, some of those people aren't willing to let that change or deepening happen. It's a constant battle of me wanting to be better and others putting me down for wanting to be that change.

On most days I kid that if you have nothing nice to say come sit by me.** I love to have a good time, and kid around. I have a sarcastic sense of self. Whether trying to meet new people and forging new bonds or repairing or deepening those that are already in place seem to be a challenge. I can make all the changes I want to in me, but if others aren't willing to let those changes come to fruition and let the relationship move beyond and into what it could be, I'm still stuck.

Take for instance, during my crossing guard duty I have some of the nicest moms come through. They are always nice and wanting to have some conversation. No matter how short it might be. I even have people drive through who aren't dropping kids off and they wave! There are other moms that come through and it's as if I need to roll out a red carpet for them. They're still back in high school thumbing their noses at the chick who's working the corner. To give me the time of day would be against their religion. Whatever. 

When we first started attending a certain church I thought to myself, "Let's try and invite people over for conversation and get to know each other". I was going to break out of my shell and try to be social. So we did. I love having people over. Hospitality is probably my only spiritual gift, but hey, it's a gift. We invited lots of people over a few different times. I thought a good time was had by all but it was never reciprocated. Either we were geographically undesirable or personality wise undesirable. I don't know. That's here nor there. Sometimes I like to invite people over for no reason. Just to spend time with them. But, after so many "no"'s I just quit asking. I can take a hint.

What to do? Go ahead and put the walls back up? Then again, walls are no fun when they're put up in my face from others. It's almost exhausting with how many walls there are to keep up with. I don't want to give up hope that people will one day be more receptive, but alas, I can't force them to feel something they aren't ever going to feel. 

I'm not sure what my goal is to change things or if they can be changed. Is it just life or our fate that determines how many or how few people we get close to? Is it parental upbringing or social status, life experiences or political/religious views? It's out of my control and out of my hands.

I have to give it up to Him. I have to keep making the changes in my life that lift Him up. I don't think I've lost hope just yet. 

*American philosopher and psychologist
** Steel Magnolias has some of the best movie quotes of all time

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Constant Variety of Sport

I had a blast from the past on Sunday! We had stopped at Dickey's* after church. On one tv there was some kids cartoon network on so the girls sat facing that direction. On the tv that Hubby and I watched was some sports channel that was showing a bowling tournament. Had this been six months ago we could have cared less. But, since Santa dropped off a  Wii this last Christmas we were drawn to that bowling tournament like kids are to sugar. 

It was Wide World of Sports for the 21st century! The shirts the guys were wearing were even nice to look at. Hubby and I were talking about the tournament and thinking surely these guys have full time jobs. NO! It was later flashed across the screen that there was a million dollar purse up for grabs! You should have seen the curve that those guys had spun with the bowling balls. Strike after strike. Another guy didn't fare so well. 

Yep, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat was in the air. We even stayed around after finishing our delicious lunch to see who won. It was crazy! We even admitted to one another that had we not gotten so into 100 pin bowling on the Wii we wouldn't have even noticed the game on the tv. 

In a house where football has sort of taken hold, it was a refreshing change to watch bowling for a little while.

*kids eat free 

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Here's a great post from the web site Lamebook. Classic.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mommy is Soooo Mean

On Monday we woke up to snow and no school delay. It's below freezing. I made sure the girls were dressed in layers. At least one anyway. The older daughter's coat has a broken zipper so she's in a button up coat. At least older girl is wearing a turtle neck and t-shirt over it.

I tried to make the younger wear a turtle neck, but she said it itched. I'm grasping here. So, if she's only going to wear a t-shirt a puffy coat will follow with scarf and gloves. I made her zip up the coat and get bundled before getting in the car. 

Then whispering is heard. The younger is mad and she's sharing her unhappiness. Of course not loud enough to tell what was said, but loud enough to know there was something sinister being said. Hubby asks what was said. Older daughter will tell Hubby anything. She caves easily when daddy is involved. Older kid says, "J said mommy is soooo mean". 

I'm mean because I made sure that she was warm. I'm mean because I made her wear a puffy coat. That she said she liked when we bought it. 

Suck it up, kids! I'm mean because I love you and don't want you to freeze to death. I'm mean because I want you to turn in to productive, responsible and caring young ladies. Ladies who look back on their childhood and can say that their mommy really loved them and took care of them. 

I want what's best for them. Hopefully one day they will be able to see that. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Matthew West - My Own Little World

I heard this song on KLTY last Friday while sitting in my car. I loved it so much I downloaded it as soon as I got home.

I hope you like it as well.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Restore Personal Comfort

There's a new phrase that's hit our household. Hubby brought it home from work. I have to say it's pretty ingenious. It replaces: "taking a dump", "going to ponder" and all those other phrases we can think of that refer to bowel movements*. 

Now I hear, "Restore Personal Comfort". I think I like it. It doesn't bring to mind the imagery of the former phrases. Call me a prude. I don't want to know what you're doing in the loo. Just go. And come back.

*The phrases that just make us cringe. Or maybe just me. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Got Sucked In

I thought I wouldn't, but I did. I had set the DVR to record The Bachelor, Redux. I could either ignore the hype and delete it, or go ahead and watch the train wreck.  It's been several seasons since I've watched. Poor Brad, he had attempted to find love on the show three years ago but couldn't. Either he really wasn't ready or the girls were just not good matches. What does it really matter? The show's statistics aren't that great anyhow. Even if a bachelor/bachelorette does find "love" they break up soon after.

It starts off with the host interviewing Brad. Explaining away why he didn't choose someone at the end. He also got in to how he pursued  therapy for abandonment issues. After a few minutes of that I hit the fast forward button. Let's get to some good parts. The two girls he didn't pick came out and were interviewed for a short while as well. All was good. Everyone had moved on. One of those unchosen bachelorettes went on to have her own season of The Bachelorette. SURPRISE. She and the man she chose broke up shortly after the final rose. 

Here come the women piling out of the limos to vie for Brad's affections. The first woman slaps Brad and says, "This is for every woman in America". Are you kidding me? Honey, you don't speak for me. The world didn't come to an end because he didn't choose a woman the first time. After getting a b*tch slap he was a complete gentleman. Maybe even a little too much of one. 

Then, they highlight some chick who had a little of an exotic look. Until she smiled. She had gotten involved with some sort of vampire underworld and either her teeth were filed or they were fake fangs. It was vile. It was freaky. It was bizarre. 

Women just kept running over each other competing for this idiot man's attention. One woman "stealing" him away from another for a little conversation. Another woman sticks her rear end in his face and says, "A former boyfriend broke up with me because my butt was too big. Can you handle this butt?" Have women been reduced to whether men can handle the size of our rear ends? Honey, wait until you've popped out a kid or two. 

So, it's yet another season of women pimping themselves out for the affections of this "man". It adds up to another staged romance that will be unattainable after the show is over. Like a freak car accident on the freeway that we can't keep our eyes off of.

After the crazy season premier episode was over I looked at Hubby and said, "I love you". I'm grateful for the traditional people that we are. No games. No fangs. Amen. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Be Careful What We Wish For

A few weeks ago we were traveling in the car. I'm not sure why or how the subject came up, but we were talking about President Obama. My oldest says from the back, "I wish he would die". My heart sank at that moment. I may not agree with any of his policies, but I definitely don't wish for his demise from this earth.

I thought to myself, he is a man just like my Hubby. He has a wife and two young daughters. He is trying to do what he believes is the right thing for this country*. Granted, my Hubby isn't leader of the free world, but that could only be a matter of time**. Like my Hubby, he is surrounded by family and friends that love him. In just a couple of short years he will go back to private life. 

I once saw someone*** on facebook refer to him as Satan. Are you kidding me? People give him way too much power and credit when he is referred to in that way. I've read the Bible. I know what Satan can do, and Obama comes nowhere near. He is a mere mortal like the rest of us. Why should we sink to the level of the people who would refer to President Bush as Hitler and burn him in effigy? 

I quickly corrected my daughter about wishing people would die. I asked her how she would feel if someone said that about her father. 

I love my daughters and wish for them to come into their own strengths and viewpoints where politics are concerned. Not to just follow their parents like sheople in a herd. We should pray for the office of President. Whether we agree with who is in that office or not. We can pray for change. We can vote change. 

*don't get me started. 
** ;) one can dream right? He sure would be great at it. 
****on most days she is certifiably CRAZY.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hubby Needs to be a Plumber in His Next Life

Now that we've been in our house for a little over seven years now, there are still a few things in this house that need our special touch. One of them being our toilets. Ugly almond color doesn't even begin to describe my disdain for the toilets. It seems that Hubby is constantly making a trek to mecca* for a new flapper for any given toilet in the house. 

You can imagine my dismay when I was cleaning one of the bathrooms and trying to clean the floor under one of them and water dripped onto my wrist. For sure there were four letter expletives floating around in my head. The wood baseboard behind the toilet looked like it had taken on some water and warped a little. Uh oh. 

So, we called the plumber. It was almost a comedy of stereotypes about plumbers. He was around for half of the day. He went ahead and checked all of our toilets and did a little inspection of all house orifices. It turned out that the original toilet that we called him out for wasn't cracked. It was just a minor fix that ended up costing almost $1,000. Minor and $1,000 should not be going in the same sentence. I didn't even get a nice, new, bright white toilet out of this deal. He said, "This toilet is a keeper. The new toilets they make today are more trouble than their worth". 

I warned Hubby that the next time one of the toilets break, I'm taking a baseball bat to it.

*Home Depot

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mother Tucker

The honeymoon is officially over. It only took a month. The dog is still perfect in just about every way. He may think he's a little too perfect. Or human. Whichever fits. 

Over Christmas break the girls went to go spend a few days at the grandparents house. So it was me, hubby and Tucker. When we finally made it out of bed in the mornings we'd find Tucker on the couch in the front room. Snug as a bug in a rug. At first we thought it was cute. Then he kept doing it. Then we started to hollar and swat him on the nose. 

We've been lenient up until this point. We don't crate him. We put him in the bathroom by the back door when we leave. At night he would just fall asleep in the front room and we'd leave him there. Now we know why he likes to fall asleep in the front room. 

I walked into the front room to grab a phone number mid morning and he was back up on the couch. Sorry honey, people furniture is for people. The dog will now be put in the bathroom at night. The party is over. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sometimes I May Want to Return This Gift

We had a great Christmas! Santa brought us a Nintendo Wii. The tag said it was for the whole family, not just the kids. Hubby and I couldn't wait to play it. We had gotten some experience with it over Thanksgiving at my aunt's house. We had so much fun with it at Thanksgiving that we were contemplating breaking out the Wii early*. 

Now it's been in our house for a week. We've been playing it daily. We've had friends over to play and family as well. But, if I hear the kids ask one more time, "Can I play?", I'll scream. They get as much time, if not more on this thing than the adults. When we have adult friends over and we want to play, they are constantly underfoot wanting in on the action. 

I have to come up with some solutions. 

1. Ask Santa to drop off another Wii**. 

2. Send the kids to their room for a long time.

3. I don't have a third. I'm open to suggestions.....

I'm really not complaining about how much time they spend on it. It beats having their brains turning to moosh watching tv. It's great family time. 

*Of course, this was a gift that Santa brought by early because of his workload....duh