Monday, May 10, 2010

Good For You!

Let me make this crystal clear---I love my kids. No.Doubt.About.It.

We do have our moments, but then again, don't we all? Sometimes there is a fine line of knowing when to laugh at them and knowing when to correct. We were sitting in a fast food restaurant and my wonderful husband had to take a break in the little boys room. As he was coming back he mentioned, "I can you hear you people all the way in the restroom".

I never would have guessed what was about to come out of my youngest daughters mouth. It was on the cusp of funny and rude all at the same time. She said, "Good for you!". This coming from a little girl who always fixes her hair with every outfit change in the dressing room of a children's clothing store. The one who, for the most part, says "Please" and "Thank You" at every turn.

She's growing up. We are learning we have to maintain a good balance between what is okay to say and what we should keep to ourselves.

Oh boy!