Tuesday, January 25, 2011

He May Not Want To, But I Know He Can!

Last Thursday was a day of many things around here. It was yet another visit for me at the dentist office with sedation! Ugh!! I wasn't even able to enjoy the Valium coated haze that lay before me. Coherency during one of these visits is a major biotch!! 

Hubby dropped me off at the dentist at 9am sharp. There was time for me to sit in an awfully cold faux leather dentist chair, with apparently a new dental assistant who didn't say a word. She (and I) was just waiting for my favorite dental hygienist to have her chair free so we could all get started. One of the many reasons S is my favorite is because of her bedside manor. She offered the warmed up neck pillow and a blanket to boot. She gets that it's nothing personal, but she tries and makes me as comfortable as possible. After I was taken care of Hubby was off to play Mr. Mom. 

Thursday was also payday. For us that means a run to the bank and getting our budget in order for the next two weeks. Once the cash runs out, the spending is over. 

Next, our youngest was VIP for the week in Kindergarten. On that specific day we had to provide a snack for the class with the letter of the week (H) in the name. Good luck Hubby! I just told him to get the chewy chocolate chip fiber bars and that'd be fine. He got them up to the school in plenty of time. 

After getting me home to go to bed he had a reprieve. For a little while. He got to watch a couple of episodes of Dr. Who then it was time to get the kids. I had told the girls at least three times before school that daddy was doing pick up duty that afternoon. He had gone to get them in the car because it was below freezing. Do you think they were there? NOPE! Hubby had a minor heart attack because the two children that had been told to wait for daddy - didn't. 

Soon after school is over on Thursdays comes swim class. It's time to tackle the bathing suits and getting towels together with goggles in tow. With bags filled with dry clothes to change into they were off and on time. With both kids out of class by 5 o'clock the question of dinner arises. So, it's off to Little Caesar's to bring home some very inexpensive, but awfully convenient pizza for dinner. 

Dinner came and went in a flash and it was time to shower the chlorine out of the kids. Once cleaned up and in pajama's it's bedtime. It's been a busy day. 

By 8:30 Hubby was asleep. I had been sleeping for half of the day, so I was almost wide awake. He stepped up to the plate. Not that I didn't think he could. He was Hubby, mommy AND daddy. He didn't complain. Not once. 

Although I may need reminders once in a while, he is a wonderful man. I am very lucky that I have him for my husband. I appreciate all that he does and everything he is. He is filled with a very giving and loving spirit. There will never be another who could fill those shoes. He may not ever want to trade jobs, but at least I know he can*. 

*Ha! Like that would ever happen. It's not like I want to go out to the real world either. 

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