Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Friday Morning Party Train

Fridays, by far, are my most favorite day! On Friday mornings there is a party in my head and in my heart. They are warm and fuzzy even when it's 25 degrees outside. It's the kick off to the weekend. A kick off to fun. Most of the time. 

My children haven't gotten this memo apparently. I tell my kids the tv gets turned off at 6:30 in the morning. There is breakfast to be had. There are clothes to put on. Hair and teeth to brush. There are backpacks to get together and out the door we go so I can get to my crossing guard duty. 

Leave it to my youngest and most opinionated* to change her mind about what she wants to wear, what socks she wants and how she wants to wear her hair.  It drives me nuts. I don't have time for her to change her mind 20 times. We get into an argument. Daddy backs me up and youngest is almost in tears. 

I have to tell my oldest at least three times to finish eating instead of playing with the dog. Three times. I don't have the clothing argument with her because she doesn't care what she wears. Yet. But she acts as if I've just beaten her with a stick for telling her to eat instead of playing with the dog. She could have done that instead of watching tv. 

When we get into the car, their backpacks should be on their backs. Not back in the house. It's 25 degrees outside and I've told them more than once that their jackets should be zipped. Are they?? 

THESE CHILDREN NEED TO GET ON BOARD THE FRIDAY MORNING PARTY TRAIN!!!!! Friday mornings shouldn't suck like this last one. It's supposed to be "Fabulous Friday" around our house. 

*who picks out her clothes the night before

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