Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For Granted

Recently in honor of Hubby's 40th birthday, he was blessed with a hernia. Oh boy! A quick visit to the doctor and an appointment for surgery was made. They couldn't get his surgery scheduled until almost one o'clock. He had to go a very long time without eating. Poor Hubby.

Hubby and I were overwhelmed with comfort and peace when Dr. C prayed with us before the surgery. It was even the good doctor's suggestion. 

Surgery went well. It was over in an hour flat. When he was finally rolled back into our room, I was really glad to see him! Then we were on the road to recovering. Oh boy!

After we got home that night it didn't take long for my mind to wander and think about all of the things I take for granted when he's in tip top shape.

For instance:
1. His chipper personality. He's always in rare form. He makes me laugh, and smile all of the time. It was hard to see him in pain and groggy and very uncomfortable.
2. I took for granted that he does the dishes after I cook. I haven't done so much cooking AND cleaning in my life!
3. His going to work everyday. We've had A LOT of quality time together. Alone time can be good at times.
4. Sleep. I feel bad that he can't sleep through the night. When he's up, usually I'm up.
5. I took for granted every time he did the floors. I hate cleaning the floors. They are my kryptonite.
6. I took for granted all of the tickling I have dished out to him. I haven't been able to tickle or harass him in a week. It pains me! I have to keep my hands to myself. I've been harassing the dog more than usual.
7. I took for granted sex. D'UH! Enough said.

Hopefully my time with a maimed man is coming to a close. The recovery has taken longer than we had hoped. But,  I'm thankful that each day brings Hubby a little more comfort. A little more sleep at night. A little bit closer to "back to normal".

Friday, January 27, 2012

I Shutter At The Thought

In my bedroom I could have what might be the last set of mini-blinds in Texas. Maybe not Texas, but Collin County at least. We've been in this house for over 8 years now and I have no idea what to do.
When we first moved in we installed some inexpensive curtains*.  When we painted this room a couple of years ago they came down and I didn't want to put them back up. I just didn't want to put up something that I wasn't crazy about. I'm not doing that anymore! If I don't love it, it's not going up in the house.

I have an un-dying admiration for plantation shutters. They just scream "southern charm" to me. They would probably keep out the cold in winter and heat in summer as well**! It's taking a long a time to get this house the way I want it***.

This is where my dilemma begins. Can I have shutters in just one room of the house? Or should I work my way through the house with shutters for a more consistent look? Before we painted the room the moldings were a honey brown color. Straight out of the 80's. Yuck! Now they're a creamy, off-white color. I like the look of shutters that have a distressed brown tone to them. But would they stick out like a sore thumb? I'm wondering if I should go with a distressed white? If they were distressed they wouldn't scream out, "Hey look at me. I'm brand new. Look at me". I want them to look like they've been here for a long time.

I know in a world of crazy unemployment and world hunger this is the least of anybody's worries. But that's what's going on in my head right now. I'm trying to keep the economy going with my share of window coverings. 

*by inexpensive, I mean cheap
**and the neighbors annoying flood light on the side of their house. That light might meet a bee bee gun very soon! Or I may just go unscrew it.
***way too long for my patience.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All The Time

I've gone a considerable amount of time with a now deactivated facebook account. It ain't that bad! But a few days before deactivating, someone I know posted some pictures of their new baby*.  One of the comments on the picture was, "God is so good". Yes He is.

Then a few days later another teacher in our group of fifth grade Sunday school teachers had a praise. Her friend who was very ill had recovered when it wasn't expected that she would. The fellow teacher's comment was, "God is so good". Yes He is.

But, what if her friend hadn't recovered? Isn't He still good? Through all of our trials, when we don't receive what we had hoped for He's still good.

I'm not saying that I'm a saint and that in everything I give thanks. I'll be the first to admit that I need to give thanks a lot more. 

I'm not saying that in all of the good times we shouldn't acknowledge that He is sovereign. That He is in control. That He knows what is best for us. 

But how would life be if we always reminded ourselves that God is good all the time? All the time God is good. How would my life, my attitude, my entire self be if I kept it in my heart and mind that God is good every moment of every day?

God is good. All the time.
All the time, God is good.

*The first of thousands. Trust me.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Forty is Fabulous!

Today I get to celebrate Hubby's 40th birthday! This has been a long time coming and I am one thrilled woman. You see, I've seen the back side of forty for a few years now. It's wonderful! Now I get to share it with him.

Here are forty reasons why I love him and wishes for his special day.

1.  He loves God. With everything he has, he loves God.
2.  I am the luckiest woman in the world to call him Hubby.
3.  He is wise beyond his years.
4.  There is no one else that makes me laugh like him.
5.  At times he has the patience of Job.
6.  He doesn't anger quickly.
7.  He is incredibly loyal, to family, friends and even his job.
8.  He gets better looking as he gets older. No fair!
9.  He is a prime example of how first impressions can be completely wrong!
10. I am grateful he puts up with all of my shenanigans.
11. I'm pretty sure it's on his bucket list to read every single religious/political book out there.
12. He loves our daughters to the moon and beyond. They love him as much in return.
13. By no means is he a handyman around the house, but that's ok.
14. We complement each other very well.
15. If I am down, he never gives up trying to bring me up.
16. Have I mentioned how handsome he is?
17. He does his own laundry!
18. He rocks a pair of eyeglasses now. Ha!
19. He is a true asset to his company.
20. He makes sure we have "us" time.  
21. He's no stranger to the gym. He takes care of himself.
22. My hope is that his faith will never waiver. In himself. In God. In life.
23. How I love that he's the go-to guy when it comes to my fifth grader's homework.
24. He's a clean freak just as much as I am.
25. My wish is that he stays as easy going as has always been.
26. How I love his strong shoulders. They have carried our girls miles and miles.
27. He's like a kid in a candy store when he's playing with the dog.
28. I hope that he'll always carry that playful spirit with our kids without losing his calming influence.
29. He walks daily in the awe-inspiring glory of God's love.
30. He's a wonderful provider. Not just in the financial sense, but in the emotional and mental sense as well. 
31. My kids say they love their daddy because, "He's sweet. He's my daddy".
32. Forty isn't all that bad. It sure beats the alternative and it's not the end of the world.
33. He's the best friend anybody could ask for.
34. He's a solid sounding board for all of my worries, concerns and stories.
35. Forty years and he seems to be mellowing more and more.
36. I have been blessed to call him Hubby for almost 14 years. It gets better and better.
37. I hope as the days go by it continues to get better and better with age. We go together and we grow together.
38. He's kind with his words and actions.
39. I love how he loves to learn.
40. Hello? He's just the most handsome forty year old around!

My husband is now forty years old. This is what I want your birthday to usher in for the year ahead for you-

B - Blessings so that all your endeavors are successful
I - Inspiration to do beautiful things in life
R - Reassurance in times of being low
T - Tolerance for both happy and sad times
H - Happiness all year round
D - Daring to go in unfamiliar areas where other people haven't ventured
A - Admiration that other people will harbor for you because of your deeds
Y - 'Yes, yes, yes', a zest for everything positive in life

XOXO and Happy Birthday to my wonderful Hubby!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Already Miss It. Sort Of.

As soon as Hubby and I got back from our road trippin' excursion I was ready to get the Christmas decorations down. I wanted my house back.

Now we're well into the new year and I think I might have made one resolution*. Unofficially.  But we'll see how far I get with it. Who couldn't benefit from the resolution of "talk less and listen more"?

Even though the Christmas decorations are down I'm already missing the spirit of it all. Sort of. I'm already thinking of what I want to do next Christmas. Good gravy!!! Isn't there something about a home with Christmas decorations all over the place? To me it just adds warmth, and anticipation for the celebration of our coming King.

 I was quite proud of the ornament wreath I made from a wire hanger, extra ribbons and ornaments**.
I miss how super easy these Rolo treats were to make for the people that work for Hubby. I made over 200 of them in no time!

 For teacher's gifts me and the girls made Peppermint Sugar Scrub. So much fun!

 The Santa that was hanging by the front door is put away now. There's a snowflake hanging in it's place. I don't necessarily want snow to come, but Santa can't hang around forever I guess.
I was awfully proud of my DIY Noel thing. I thought it turned out totally awesome!

A last minute addition to the Christmas decor was a copy of this. I didn't think to take a picture before I put it up in the attic. But I saw this on Pinterest and knowing I had a basket, I bought a string of lights and some purple and pink ornaments for dirt cheap at Hobby Lobby. I put the lights in the bottom of the basket and placed the ornaments on top and plugged it in. It was so much fun!

On Christmas day when relatives were leaving we were all joking about doing all of the things we see on Pinterest. My aunt said, "Yes. We'll have to get started in February".

That almost sounds good to me! I kid. I kid.

Here's to a new year, with no Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving! But, who's to say we can't plan ahead and have everything ready?

*Hubby and I didn't formally announce if we made any resolutions or not.
**The ornaments weren't extra. This wreath was why my tree was a little barron this year. Oh well.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Road Trippin'

The day after Christmas Hubby and I took to the open road. It was something planned a little last minute. We planned to go to Hot Springs, AR and have some rest and relaxation. Kid free style!

The first day we took our time just casually working our way out the door. Then it was almost lunchtime by the time we thought we were ready so we decided to eat lunch at home then hit the road. Besides, lunch at home was already paid for. One less meal to buy!

After five hours in the car*. We hit our destination. We had a reservation at The Arlington. This is how I would describe our stay at The Arlington: every seen the movie The Shining? It's pretty close to that. The bed was way too soft. The walls WAY too thin. And breakfast took too long. Eh.

It's in a cute enough little town. But everything within walking distance closes before dinner time. We managed to squeeze in a little hiking at the state park right across the street. As well as a bath and massage.  

The bathhouse was a little different experience than the time we were there over 10 years ago. The last time I was allowed a towel to place around me for modesty. Modesty is my friend. I wasn't so lucky this time. Then came time for the massage. I felt like I was being brutalized. I enjoyed the result, but not the process.

We went for a little outdoor excursion at a place called Garvan Gardens. Their web site boasted of millions of holiday lights and I knew there was a chapel there I wanted to see in person.

It was definitely a cold night, but nothing that a little hot chocolate couldn't fix. Topped off with some halfway decent tex-mex for dinner. At first I would say that Garvan Gardens has nothing on the Dallas Arboretum. I'm not sure that anything can come close to that unless you go to Victoria, British Columbia. The thing that just makes Garvan Gardens is the true and simple beauty of Anthony Chapel.

This chapel is absolutely gorgeous. It's made from wood beams and glass. I'm sure in the daytime it's even more beautiful, but even at night it was outstanding.

The drive to the gardens was a little nerve racking. The state of Arkansas hardly believes in roadside lighting and roads that are more than two lanes in width.

At the last minute we decided to extend our trip one night and head to Little Rock. I wanted to see the River Market and the Clinton Library. Hubby had already seen it on a guys trip several years ago. How odd is it that on my bucket list is to visit each and every presidential library? Hubby has definitely rubbed off on me. The River Market wasn't much of a market and the library was a bunch of fluff.  I'll just be blunt and say that Clinton wasn't necessarily one of my favorite presidents. A liberal president never will be. But the building is unique and the a walk across the bridge was called for.

Chalk up this road trip to a lot of quality time with Hubby. Much needed. I laughed so hard I thought my sides would split open. Hubby had me in stitches. He's my best friend. We can talk about anything and I don't feel like I'm being judged for what I'm feeling or thinking. He's my sounding board.

I think if we ever want to do the "spa" experience again I think we may just stay somewhere around Dallas. Arkansas aint all that. It's not even the bag of chips.

*Sometimes it didn't seem that long. Sometimes it seemed longer.