Friday, January 28, 2011

Going Postal

This Friday was a little unusual. The Friday morning party train was running a little behind and the tracks were a little sticky. I think part of it had to do with my dining room blinds were still behind at the manufacturer and not being delivered today*. I've waited for a month for those blinds. Today was supposed to be THE DAY to have them installed after being behind once already. 

I set out to make a run to the post office. I had found something I wanted to share with my cousin**. I knew she would like it so it needed to get to the post office if I wanted it to ever reach her. 

There's the usual post office I go to. Out of the three main people that work there I pray I get one particular worker. He's always friendly and helpful. The other two act as if they would rather be somewhere else and I wish they were as well. Well, I got one of the other two. I greeted him first and he said nothing. JOY. I chose a box and had pretty much finished folding it up when the guy said to move aside til I was completely finished. There was NO ONE behind me. I had nothing left to do. Cousin's address was typed out onto a sheet of paper because if you ever write out that address it would fill a book. 

At this point in my life, I figure it's too short to deal with people like that. I put the box back on the shelf that I had gotten it from and walked out. I knew there was another post office in the downtown area of where I live so I headed that way. 

I got there at 9:50. There's a sign on the door that the new hours are from 10 to 4. What a cushy job! I didn't get in line at this one til I had found the right size box again***. But, the guy that I got behind noticed I was there before him and he was a gem and said, "Please go ahead, you were here before me". Only 7 more people to go. With ONE postal worker working. 

While I thought I had everything good to go, the postal worker told a lady before me that they couldn't accept her credit card. "Cash and debit cards only" he told her. Seriously? The federal government can rack up trillions of dollars of debt, but this lady can't put her $15 shipping charges on a credit card???? There's some wildly fantastic irony in that one, I just have to put my finger on it. 

By the time I was the next one in line there was another 7 behind me. Making all sorts of jokes about the Federal Government working for us. While I'm still waiting a second postal worker actually popped up, then I guess she forgot something and went back behind the wall. She then reappeared. Thank you, God. Postal worker said that the box I chose would be more expensive than a large envelope and that I needed to fill out a customs form****. I wasn't even aware that they had an envelope big enough for this item. I ended up having to handwrite the address on the customs form. Needless to say, IT DIDN'T FIT. 

Another fine example of the Federal Government run postal service, is that the lady charged me for a roll of shipping tape just to tape the address to the envelope! I guess that could be an excuse to send my cousin more stuff so I can use up the tape before it loses it's usability.

Let me reiterate. I'm not griping about how much it cost to send my cousin a surprise in the mail. She's totally worth it. I'm griping about the inefficiency of the United States Postal Service, and the people that work there.  AUGH!!

*I really don't want to hear that 3.6 billion people don't have the privilege of having blinds in their dining room. 
**Surprise, Corri!
***I searched my house high and low for a stinkin box. 
****I'm not saying that she's not worth it, but if I can save a little money I want to. 


  1. I have avoided the post office since I was able to drive. I feel your pain.

  2. haha I LOVE SURPRISES! Thanks!! I can't wait! Sorry for all of the trouble it caused! =)