Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Road Trippin'

The day after Christmas Hubby and I took to the open road. It was something planned a little last minute. We planned to go to Hot Springs, AR and have some rest and relaxation. Kid free style!

The first day we took our time just casually working our way out the door. Then it was almost lunchtime by the time we thought we were ready so we decided to eat lunch at home then hit the road. Besides, lunch at home was already paid for. One less meal to buy!

After five hours in the car*. We hit our destination. We had a reservation at The Arlington. This is how I would describe our stay at The Arlington: every seen the movie The Shining? It's pretty close to that. The bed was way too soft. The walls WAY too thin. And breakfast took too long. Eh.

It's in a cute enough little town. But everything within walking distance closes before dinner time. We managed to squeeze in a little hiking at the state park right across the street. As well as a bath and massage.  

The bathhouse was a little different experience than the time we were there over 10 years ago. The last time I was allowed a towel to place around me for modesty. Modesty is my friend. I wasn't so lucky this time. Then came time for the massage. I felt like I was being brutalized. I enjoyed the result, but not the process.

We went for a little outdoor excursion at a place called Garvan Gardens. Their web site boasted of millions of holiday lights and I knew there was a chapel there I wanted to see in person.

It was definitely a cold night, but nothing that a little hot chocolate couldn't fix. Topped off with some halfway decent tex-mex for dinner. At first I would say that Garvan Gardens has nothing on the Dallas Arboretum. I'm not sure that anything can come close to that unless you go to Victoria, British Columbia. The thing that just makes Garvan Gardens is the true and simple beauty of Anthony Chapel.

This chapel is absolutely gorgeous. It's made from wood beams and glass. I'm sure in the daytime it's even more beautiful, but even at night it was outstanding.

The drive to the gardens was a little nerve racking. The state of Arkansas hardly believes in roadside lighting and roads that are more than two lanes in width.

At the last minute we decided to extend our trip one night and head to Little Rock. I wanted to see the River Market and the Clinton Library. Hubby had already seen it on a guys trip several years ago. How odd is it that on my bucket list is to visit each and every presidential library? Hubby has definitely rubbed off on me. The River Market wasn't much of a market and the library was a bunch of fluff.  I'll just be blunt and say that Clinton wasn't necessarily one of my favorite presidents. A liberal president never will be. But the building is unique and the a walk across the bridge was called for.

Chalk up this road trip to a lot of quality time with Hubby. Much needed. I laughed so hard I thought my sides would split open. Hubby had me in stitches. He's my best friend. We can talk about anything and I don't feel like I'm being judged for what I'm feeling or thinking. He's my sounding board.

I think if we ever want to do the "spa" experience again I think we may just stay somewhere around Dallas. Arkansas aint all that. It's not even the bag of chips.

*Sometimes it didn't seem that long. Sometimes it seemed longer.

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  1. I want someone to build a tiny replica of that chapel, just for two, in my backyard. We visited during the day and it is just as breathtaking as the night pictures you took.

    Glad you could get away!