Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For Granted

Recently in honor of Hubby's 40th birthday, he was blessed with a hernia. Oh boy! A quick visit to the doctor and an appointment for surgery was made. They couldn't get his surgery scheduled until almost one o'clock. He had to go a very long time without eating. Poor Hubby.

Hubby and I were overwhelmed with comfort and peace when Dr. C prayed with us before the surgery. It was even the good doctor's suggestion. 

Surgery went well. It was over in an hour flat. When he was finally rolled back into our room, I was really glad to see him! Then we were on the road to recovering. Oh boy!

After we got home that night it didn't take long for my mind to wander and think about all of the things I take for granted when he's in tip top shape.

For instance:
1. His chipper personality. He's always in rare form. He makes me laugh, and smile all of the time. It was hard to see him in pain and groggy and very uncomfortable.
2. I took for granted that he does the dishes after I cook. I haven't done so much cooking AND cleaning in my life!
3. His going to work everyday. We've had A LOT of quality time together. Alone time can be good at times.
4. Sleep. I feel bad that he can't sleep through the night. When he's up, usually I'm up.
5. I took for granted every time he did the floors. I hate cleaning the floors. They are my kryptonite.
6. I took for granted all of the tickling I have dished out to him. I haven't been able to tickle or harass him in a week. It pains me! I have to keep my hands to myself. I've been harassing the dog more than usual.
7. I took for granted sex. D'UH! Enough said.

Hopefully my time with a maimed man is coming to a close. The recovery has taken longer than we had hoped. But,  I'm thankful that each day brings Hubby a little more comfort. A little more sleep at night. A little bit closer to "back to normal".

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