Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Already Miss It. Sort Of.

As soon as Hubby and I got back from our road trippin' excursion I was ready to get the Christmas decorations down. I wanted my house back.

Now we're well into the new year and I think I might have made one resolution*. Unofficially.  But we'll see how far I get with it. Who couldn't benefit from the resolution of "talk less and listen more"?

Even though the Christmas decorations are down I'm already missing the spirit of it all. Sort of. I'm already thinking of what I want to do next Christmas. Good gravy!!! Isn't there something about a home with Christmas decorations all over the place? To me it just adds warmth, and anticipation for the celebration of our coming King.

 I was quite proud of the ornament wreath I made from a wire hanger, extra ribbons and ornaments**.
I miss how super easy these Rolo treats were to make for the people that work for Hubby. I made over 200 of them in no time!

 For teacher's gifts me and the girls made Peppermint Sugar Scrub. So much fun!

 The Santa that was hanging by the front door is put away now. There's a snowflake hanging in it's place. I don't necessarily want snow to come, but Santa can't hang around forever I guess.
I was awfully proud of my DIY Noel thing. I thought it turned out totally awesome!

A last minute addition to the Christmas decor was a copy of this. I didn't think to take a picture before I put it up in the attic. But I saw this on Pinterest and knowing I had a basket, I bought a string of lights and some purple and pink ornaments for dirt cheap at Hobby Lobby. I put the lights in the bottom of the basket and placed the ornaments on top and plugged it in. It was so much fun!

On Christmas day when relatives were leaving we were all joking about doing all of the things we see on Pinterest. My aunt said, "Yes. We'll have to get started in February".

That almost sounds good to me! I kid. I kid.

Here's to a new year, with no Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving! But, who's to say we can't plan ahead and have everything ready?

*Hubby and I didn't formally announce if we made any resolutions or not.
**The ornaments weren't extra. This wreath was why my tree was a little barron this year. Oh well.

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  1. Love the box idea. Resisting the urge to open a tab and sign on to Pinterest and stay there 24/7 for the next week....