Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Dark Chocolate Layer Cake

I had let a neighbor borrow my Southern Living cookbook and now it's back in my possession. WOOHOO!! We received an invite to another neighbors house and I offered to make dessert. This time around I chose the Dark Chocolate Layer Cake with White Chocolate frosting. 

The cake mix was from scratch. Some of the ingredients were brown sugar, melted chocolate chips, cocoa powder and buttermilk. I like to throw in sour cream in all of my cakes. It makes it so moist and wonderful. 

All was good and the went into the oven. I had enough batter for two 9 inch pans with a little left over for my mini pan. It took longer for the cakes to bake than the cookbook said, but it was worth it! My oven is only a few years old so I'm not sure where the discrepancy is in the temperature settings. When the toothpicks finally came out clean I had two perfect 9 inch cakes cooling. On to the White Chocolate Frosting. 

The frosting called for cream cheese, butter, melted white chocolate and powdered sugar, with some other items thrown in. The cookbook said this recipe makes three cups. I noticed after I was finished making the frosting that the recipe only makes three cups. I didn't think about that before. I need to forever remember always double their recipes for frosting. You can never have enough frosting!!! 

It came time to stack it and - no problems!! I am on cloud nine. The icing was actually a piece of cake. Pardon the pun. It went on smooth as silk. The only thing different that I did on top was add some shredded milk chocolate. I made this cake two days ahead of time, so I was anxious for our dinner date to try it. 

The neighbors had to cancel because of illness. We had to bare the burden of trying the cake all by ourselves. It was a burden we took on full throttle and relished in it. I gave my girls the first piece and finally got my own. My kids thought it was wonderful. I have to agree with them. It turned out great. The cake was moist. The icing was white chocolate goodness. 

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