Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Expensive Lesson

Hubby learned an expensive lesson recently. He was checking our bank account online and noticed that there was a pending charge on our account. It was almost $200 worth. He asked me if I had bought anything and I told him, "No". We were baffled. We've had our debit cards hacked before and thought it had happened again. 

Of course all of this happened on the weekend so there wasn't much we could do. Hubby did get a hold of the bank before they closed on Saturday, but we couldn't do anything about it until Monday anyway. We could tell that the pending charge was being made by iTunes, so we thought someone was having a hayday and buying all sorts of music on Hubby's card. 

Thank God that iTunes sends an itemized receipt by email listing everything purchased. It wasn't fraud after all. It was our youngest! Hubby's head just about exploded. She had had some fun on Hubby's iPad playing a game online and then purchased a buttload of stuff for her Smurf village. I had no idea that there was that much in Smurf stuff you could buy for a village. 

Hubby used to let the kids play on his iPad and/or iPhone all the time. Especially when he would be working from home on the laptop. Letting the kids play on the iPad would assure that Hubby would be able to get the work done from home. Me, I'm selfish. I don't let anybody that doesn't have a job play with my iPhone or iPad. My kids have American Girl dolls, games, and a  DOG that they can play with. They even have cable. I didn't have cable growing up. The younger kid had even started to recognize the word, "FREE" when it came to downloading new (and stupid) iPad game apps. So, if it didn't say "FREE" it wasn't allowed. 

Now, Hubby doesn't let the girls play on his iPhone or iPad any longer. He no longer has his iTunes set up with his password. He's paying back savings with part of his blow money and the little one's allowance. The older kid did tell us that she tried to tell younger sister that that stuff wasn't free, but younger sister wouldn't listen. She also didn't tell us what the younger was doing. Don't get me wrong, we know it's not older sister's responsibility to take care of the younger. It is our job to know what she is doing on the computer. 

They won't be doing it much in the near future. They have been banned. 

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