Friday, December 3, 2010

All I Wanted

I was REALLY looking forward to the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was going to be a great day of family pictures. We haven't done any in a couple of years and I was excited. The kids had grown and changed so much since the last pictures that I wanted to document it. I had booked the appointment and we were set to go! 

Until the Tuesday before. I had first decided we would wear jeans with red tops. My Hubby already has a couple of red shirts that he looks great in. It's really his color! I would go out and conquer the children's apparel world and find a red top for each of them. Then it would come down to me. But, then I figured I'd have to go and buy a pair of shoes, just in case there's a picture that captures a full length me with the family.

. If you look at my closet you would think that only athletic shoes or flip flops exist. With my personal budget the way it was, I changed the color of the tops to blue. I couldn't buy shoes AND a new top. Just wasn't happening. I have an awesomely fun top that's navy blue that I could belt and just have to worry about finding a pair of shoes. 

With the girls at school I dragged my Hubby out for a day of shoe shopping*. We attempted Nordstrom first. I found a couple of pairs, but the insane price tag made it impossible. I'm sure it was a fabulous shoe, but the $200 price tag made it a little bit out of reach. I wasn't crushed just yet. 

We headed to Marmi. It's a great little shoe store that I can find something in my size and my budget. I have two pairs of boots that I bought from there about eight years ago. I still have them and they look great with skirts.  My search there was hindered because the pairs that they had in my size were just not screaming out my name. Discouragement was about to set in. 

Next place to hit up, Macy's. I had three pairs of shoes in my hand that I wanted to try. The salesman had his trusty little scanner in hand to see if they were in my size. Hell no. It was too much to hope that he would have offered to see what he DID have in my size. We walked out. Looking at my watch to see how we were doing on time I figured we had enough time to hit up Dillards. 

We got to Dillards and found a few pairs. They were those types of shoes that have European sizing. One was a little on the small size in the toes, the next one up too big in the heel. It doesn't help that I have an orthotic insert for my heel spur**. It was just one of those days that hopes were getting dashed right and left. 

Feeling defeated, we headed home. It was just about time to get the kids from school anyway. With no new shoes in hand, I did the only thing I could do. I cancelled the photo session. Over lack of shoes. 

I guess there's always the Spring when I can try and choose between which flip flops to wear. 

*He loves me, what can I say?
**Imagine someone stabbing you with a very sharp knife in your heel constantly. 

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