Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meet Tucker

We took the plunge! This time with a grown up. He's the sweetest and cuddliest thing I've ever met. He doesn't chew on anything that isn't his. He's a little underweight, but we're trying to remedy that with all of the good stuff we're feeding him. He's a beautiful Golden Retriever. He came from the Golden rescue here in my area. He's two years old and heartworm negative. For some reason he doesn't bark. I think we've only heard him bark maybe 4 times since we've had him. He takes up about half the floor space in our kitchen. 

We named him Tucker. I wanted to put a bow tie around his neck and call him Tucker Carlson. Hubby calls him Tucker McPhearson. What can I say? We're goobers. 


  1. Thank you! Since we've had him for a week now I can say that another bad thing about him is his gas is lethal!!!!!!