Monday, December 20, 2010

Is Basketball The Only Thing Tall People Are Good For?

Yesterday at church it happened again. On two occasions someone came up to Hubby and asked him how tall he is*. You can almost time how soon it will be when the next question is, "Do you play basketball?" He doesn't like basketball. He tried it. That was good enough.  

Whenever the basketball question comes up I think to myself, if it's good to ask if all tall people play basketball can I start to ask if short people like working for Willy Wonka?

Just sayin....

*6 foot 6 inches for the record. 


  1. Willy's a really nice guy and gives us lots of chocolate and we get Sunday afternoons off, unless we want to swim in the chocolate lake. And, did I mention that he's a really nice guy?

  2. Willy rocks! So I've heard..... ;)