Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day and TV

Valentines day around my house is sort of an afterthought. It falls between my Hubby's birthday and my own, plus our youngest daughter's birthday is in the mix as well. I'm not complaining. Hubby shows me he loves me everyday.

My guilty pleasure is tv. Add on top of that, Valentines day themed tv shows. I love them. I hate them also. Love was everywhere we turned this last week on television. We saw everything from romantic, candlelit, overpriced dinners to hysterical role playing in hotel rooms.

Don't forget the gifts. There were balloon bouquets, Harley Davidson motorcycles and pricey diamond necklaces and earrings. These gifts were exchanged by what seems like such 'normal' people. People that would possibly be in the same social and financial stratus that Hubby and I would be in. Apparently they're in the next one up.

At the end of one episode that we watched, this one couple had dinner at a bar/restaurant that was closed to everyone else but the two of them. There were mylar decorations and crystal looking drops hanging from thne ceiling. Of course some indy recording artist comes out from behind the curtain to serenade the couple. Yep! This is Valentines day according to Hollywood.

If only! Then I said something to Hubby and realized that I probably just made him feel so small. I had compared what was happening on tv, the epitome of escape to my real life, one of a kind, true love.

It was fun to run away for a little while and laugh and say out loud, "Awww" at the lovey dovey, squishy moments scripted on tv. But, any day of the week I'll take my real life Hubby and his sincere love notes above just about anything over priced that doesn't mean a thing.

Valentines day is what we make it. I don't have to have some artist serenading me to make it a great and worthy Valentines. Although, if he were to try diamonds some year, I probably wouldn't pass them up! It doesn't have to be February 14th each year. It can be any day I want it to be in my heart.

I'll leave the gifted Harley Davidson motorcycles and screwed up hotel rooms with silly role playing to the actors. It does make for some laugh out loud moments!

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