Monday, February 14, 2011

My Little Valentines

Happy Valentines Day! 

I have to say I am one lucky lady to spend it with my wonderful husband and our two very sweet kids! They mean everything to me. When one of my kids is hurt that hurts me. I struggled with something recently. It came down to pure thoughtlessness. 

My oldest went over to play at a friends house. When it came time for me or Hubby to go pick her up she called and asked if she could spend the night. Absolutely! She was having a good time and we were thrilled! Then the dad of the family where my oldest was staying the night went to go get milkshakes. For the family. With four kids of their own but one was at a friends house. They didn't get one for my oldest. Who was their guest. 

They enjoyed milkshakes in front of my daughter and didn't offer to get her one or even share. Of course we didn't find out until our oldest came home the next morning. I was floored. I was upset. I was pissed. My oldest was a guest in their home. They treated her like dirt. My oldest wouldn't hurt anyone. We've never done that to friends of our kids. 

Let me just say that at first my oldest was going to stay until a certain time. Maybe the thoughtless father had believed that my oldest would be gone by the time he got back, but when the decision was made that she was staying the night, there is such a thing as cellphones. 

Do I just stew in my pissed off-ness? Do I get my oldest a milkshake the next time she's invited over and let her eat it in front of them the next time around? Just move on as if nothing happened? 

We tried to explain that some people are just thoughtless and that we have to move on. It's so much easier to tell that to someone than to follow through with it. We tried to make other moments in the weekend a little more special to her. I think we tried to have those special times with her for us as well. To help her know that we love her and that what happened shouldn't. 

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