Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Dreaded Death of the Cell Phone Battery

Haven't we all seen in the most cheese ball of horror movies where the nitwit girl (insert either sex here) is running from the crazed villain and she remembers she has a cell phone. They pull out the phone and then of course in the most predictable way, the cell phone loses any charge whatsoever as soon as the phone makes its way out of whatever hole it came out of.

I had one of those moments. On Presidents Day I took my kids to Chuck E Cheese after I made a trip to the gym. It was a fairly early hour of the day and nobody would be there. You see, the city I live in didn't take advantage of this day to use as a makeup day. Which they should have. That's another blog.

Time passes while at Chuck's, the girls are playing nicely and having some fun. I'm reading on my smart phone. After a couple of hours the tickets are piling up and the tokens are running out. That's not the only thing running out.

Cue music from Jaws here. Duh dumb.......duh dumb.....

The battery level of my phone is in the red. There's a kid in a giant rat costume coming toward me. I panic. I want to pretend that I'm reading on my phone. But I can't.

Cue music from Psycho here. Violins screeching their highest notes that would make your spine hurt.

That kid in a rat costume made it's target. I'm a goner. I have no phone to escape to. But, I gather the girls and make it out alive. But, I go straight home and plug in my phone.

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