Monday, August 23, 2010

Growing Up Girl

I have to admit, I may complain about having girls, a little too much. I worry frantically about how it will be when they have the "teen" at the end of their age. It's really not that bad. They have the sweetest demeanor. No one can argue that. It's a fact. I'm not just saying that because I'm their mother. It's true.

I still want to play dress up, but one is at the age that she doesn't want to play that game anymore. She actually has opinions on the clothes she wears. My youngest is a little flashy and she lets me pick out some "fun" stuff. The "baby" would change clothes 5 times a day if I let her.

One thing I love to do with them, and we even drag daddy along, is go to see the "G" rated movies. They actually make movies that I can let them watch and my husband and I just love to watch over again.

We recently saw "Ramona and Beezus". Fun, fun movie! Ramona is the middle child of three girls. She lives with both parents and life is good. Ramona has the best intentions, but in a lot of cases chaos insues. All of the characters in the movie were portrayed in a mostly positive light. One thing that I loved about the movie was the relationship between Ramona and her Aunt Bea.

I guess I liked it so much because I have that type of relationship with one of my aunts. I'm not saying that it's always "peachy". I am the daughter she never had. I love her like my mother. When things aren't "right" with my relationship with my mom, my aunt is a great sounding board. She's always been that way for me. She always will be until she is called Home.

I'm hoping that my girls will have another older woman in their life that they can rely on when they don't feel that they can come to me. Whether it's a cousin, family friend or aunt, I hope they have that camaraderie they can trust and rely on. I can't force it, it just comes naturally.

This is my prayer. One of many!

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