Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Break-Day Five

When Vegas seems to be a town where everything is open 24/7, don't bet on it. We got up early to catch a 9:30 flight and return our rental car. Our only option at the hotel for breakfast was room service. None of the restaurants would open until after we had to leave. Bummer. Hungry is putting it mildly.

The car rental place is in a different locale than the airport. So we returned the car and took the shuttle to the airport. I think airport employees may be the reason why we might make the decision to drive to every destination for the rest of our lives.

Even though I live in Texas, I don't have what's known as Big Texas Hair. It was odd how the TSA agent had to pat down my hair and my wrists*.  Hubby hasn't had any coffee at this point. I haven't had any sort of caffeine. We are just ripe for something.

 Well, our hunger hadn't gone away by this point. It's only gotten worse. So we set out to find some semblance of a breakfast. Burger King it is**!

Finally. They're calling for passengers to board for our flight. Hubby's on a must-ride ticket since it was business***. We sat by each other from Vegas to Oklahoma City. From OKC the flight was full. Hubby was pulled off since the flight was full, even though he had explained to them he was on a must-ride since part of the trip was business. He got back on the flight but rode jump seat. And boy did he get an earful from certain members of the flight crew. Some were touting the way other airlines did their business. And she thought our airline should follow suit****. I'm sorry. If you want to tout the way other airlines do their business, please by all means, go work for them. There is probably some rhyme or reason why our airline does it the way they do and it seems profitable when other airlines don't. So remember that the next time the company makes a profit sharing deposit to your 401k.

Our plane finally touches Dallas ground. It's good to be home. I'm just missing my kids and my dog. So off we go to Ft. Worth to get the rest of our family*****.

Once we got home on Friday evening we didn't leave the house all day on Saturday. Home sweet home. Just the four of us.

*What on God's green earth could I possibly hide in my fine, flat hair? I think she did it just to mess my hair up and fill it with static. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt. It's not like I was wearing sleeves that had crap stuffed in them. Bizarre.
**Good gosh. I think at any Burger King outside the airport my family of four could have eaten for what Hubby and I had to pay for breakfast at the airport.
***And remember? I purchased my ticket. I'm not risking getting kicked off any flights because of full flights during one of the busiest times of the year. 
****I'm sorry, ma'am. You mistakenly read the sign on my husband's forehead to say that he gives a d*mn. He is in no position to do anything about your complaints. You have treated him like crap on this flight and he has witnessed you treating customers like crap. You actually contributed to Hubby feeling embarrassed to call you a fellow employee. You may want to consider your delivery and how you speak to people.
*****And we're approaching rush hour. Joy.

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