Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break 2014-Day Two

After a night of recouping some rest and gaining a fresh perspective, we were waking up at Central Time, but that was ok. The weather was grand! We heard birds chirping in a not so distant tree*. Breakfast was our name. While Hubby went for a run, I started getting ready for the day.

We were able to enjoy breakfast together, then Hubby was off doing his work stuff. I went back to our room to kill a little bit of time before the shops opened. I wanted to head down to the downtown area of Palm Springs and hit some sights.

I was able to find the Palm Springs Museum of Art and saw some interesting things.

Seriously? This is what I paid $10 to see? I know art museums are sort of "iffy" when it comes to what is considered art these days, but this is just stupid. In another section there were canvases painted in solid colors. The only redeeming piece was this.

Oh well. Now on to downtown Palm Springs. There is retail therapy to be had! On my way I encounter this.
She's 26ft tall. Done by Johnson & Johnson heir Seward Johnson. Inspired by the famous photo from the movie The Seven Year Itch. It's sort of fitting since Palm Springs is where Norma Jean Baker was "discovered" and spent time there with former husband Joe DiMaggio.

There were a few souvenir shops sprinkled in between art galleries and other retail**. There was one store that had a tag line that said, "the cure for the humorless". Well, when I tried to take a picture of an item because I knew I would never remember to tell some friends about it, the sales guy tells me not to take any pictures. Talk about not having any sense of humor. I put my items for purchase down and walked out. Eh.

After lunch and the speech that Hubby and his team member were giving, the team member wanted to go down to El Paseo for more retail therapy***.  It was visually pleasing. I've never seen so many luxury cars. And when I say luxury, I mean LUXURY cars****.

After a while, there's only so much to see, when everything costs an arm and a leg. It's time to start thinking about heading back to the hotel and dinner. Hubby and I went to a hamburger joint back in downtown Palm Springs. It was called Hamburger Mary's. It was awesome! We were able to sit on the patio and enjoy eating dinner in perfect weather. 

Another day in the bag!

*We have been dying for the birds to come back this Spring.
**With as many art galleries that I saw, these people must change their art like they change their underwear.
***El Paseo is known as the "Rodeo Drive" of Palm Springs.
****A Lexus might have been considered as lowly as a Ford in this part of town.

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