Monday, August 27, 2012

My Daughter, the Sixth Grader

For the past several weeks I think I've been in denial. Denial that I have a sixth grader on my hands. It's not that I'm not old enough to have a sixth grader on my hands. Crap. I'm old enough to have a college kid on my hands when I look around at some of my friends kids. It's just that time has gotten away from me where my daughter is concerned. 

Time has truly passed by in the blink of an eye. Yes. Every time our mothers told us that as a kid, it turns out to be true! 

With sixth grade it's sort of bitter sweet. Do you remember sixth grade? I sure do. What an awkward time. I'm not even sure that I have many positive memories of middle school. I remember a few boys I had crushes on. I remember the friend that I survived middle school with. I remember some of the "mean girls". It's not like I dwell on it. But it shaped a part of me. 

 Middle school is almost like being thrown in the lion's den. Seven different classes. Six different teachers. Assigned seating for lunch(WTH?). Hormones. Band practice. New friends. 

It's enough to make her poor head spin. She seemed excited when I left her at her locker this morning. 

Dear God, I hope that excitement continues. I pray that she'll put her best foot forward and make good friends. I pray for her ability to make good choices. I know that nobody comes out of middle school unscathed. I pray that her scathing is minimally invasive. I pray for Your protective hand over her. Lord, I pray for the teachers. I pray that they have a positive contagious attitude towards the kids and teaching them new things. I pray that they have patience. I pray that everyone in the school have respect towards one another and school property. Dear God, how I love my daughter! How I want her to remember this time as a positive experience. I want her to flourish in her confidence in who she is and Whose she is. I pray that she'll be open enough with me to share her feelings about what she's going through. The good, bad and ugly. I lift her up, Dear God. I can only put my faith in Your hands and trust. 

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