Thursday, October 4, 2012

On The Fence

My backyard is one of my favorite things about my house*. The sun rises on one side. The sun sets on the other. I have a spot where I can just sit and relax and enjoy the fresh air**. I have so enjoyed being outside in the fresh-allergy-filled-air. We eat outside whenever the temperature allows.

Now that Fall is in the air, I can see us enjoying a brand new season of memories in the house.

It all started when Hubby actually got home before six in the evening. We ate dinner outside. We enjoyed  being together as a family and the night. The kids were playing around and it was a great evening.

Then, the head of a minor child popped up on our fence. Then he sat on top of the fence. Our eight foot fence. I hadn't even finished my first wine cooler when I knew that I would need another. Utopia had just been interrupted. He's sitting on the top of my fence as if it were a chair on the floor.

Then my forty-three year old, mother brain started jumping to conclusions about whether he would be able to maintain his balance on the fence. What if he fell? Talk about heart palpitations! Who would be liable? Last time I checked we did not put out a "Climb Me" sign on the fence. It even has those things on top of the beams to prevent climbing.

His parental unit even saw him on the fence and didn't seem worried. But seriously? I was freaking out.

Minor child on the fence went to go get something, but said he would be back. That's when Hubby and I escaped to the inside of our home. Back to the daily life of cleaning up dinner dishes and watching some tv. When we would much rather be outside enjoying the outside air, with no children climbing our fence.

*I have A LOT of favorite things about my house. But, I don't want to be accused of being covetous. I have been blessed.
**An adult beverage at times sure doesn't hurt either!

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