Monday, August 6, 2012

It All Comes Out In The End

Now that we've been in the new house for about 3 months, we've been able to see what quirks we weren't able to notice when walking through during the open house.

Nothing major! Just silly things like a switch plate that is outside the bathroom, instead of inside. There are numerous staples in the wall along the ceiling in the game room upstairs. Eh. We can even live with (gladly) the bump in the driveway right before you pull into the garage. Yes, I understand it's supposed to keep the rain out of the garage. But I'm pretty sure the slope in the driveway going down does just that.

There is one thing that drives us absolutely batty about the new house. The somewhat new, "eco-friendly", "water conserving" toilets. I'm not sure we've had one week in this house where we haven't had to break out the plunger. Between two plungers we still don't have one that fits properly*. I bought a third plunger at a home improvement store. The guy in the blue vest said, "Oh ya, this will fit all the new fangled toilets". Um. NO! It didn't**. I even tried to put dish soap and hot water down the toilet***.

So just short of making one of my kids start pooping in the backyard, I also bought a toilet auger. I even "googled" a video on how to use one.  I thought I gave it a pretty good chance. I had to throw my hands in the air and wait until Hubby came home. I was done.

Hubby finally got home and we ate dinner. We went about our business and he gave  the toilet auger a good college try. At this point me and the girls are outside in the pool. If I could re-create the look on Hubby's face when he marched out of the bathroom in to the backyard with the auger in hand. He went over to the faucet to rinse off the auger.

HE FIXED IT! The offending toilet was unclogged. Did you know that a toilet auger pulls the clog out instead of pushing it through? OH!MY!GOSH!

Eco-friendly huh? Not so much. Water conserving? Ya, right! We've used so much more water in these toilets than the ones we've had in older homes. There's not enough pressure and water to push through the package that we waste so much more to get it to go down.

So yes, I've often joked that maybe we should make the kids start leaving their "packages" in the backyard. But, I've at times thought about it seriously.

One way or another, it all comes out in the end.

*The thought of toilet water splashing everywhere just makes me bat-sh*t crazy!
**If you think you can return a plunger, you can't. And I even sterilized it with bleach and scalding water. Non-fitting plunger count: 3
***I googled tips and tricks to un-stop a toilet. Dish soap is supposed to lubricate the porcelain to let the package slide down. The hot water is supposed to push it down.

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  1. When we apply logic to situations we sometimes realize that gadgets designed to help issues sometimes have the exact opposite effect.

    Give me a bowling ball sucking toilet any day of the week! Sure, the gush of water scares toddlers, but at least you know there isn't anything left in the bowl....