Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calendar

Just as soon as we are coming down from our Thanksgiving high it's time to get your shoes on and start running toward Christmas. It's crazy.

On one hand I'm a planner. On the other I procrastinate with the best of them! It seems that every year I'm trying to make a mad dash looking for cute little gifts to put in the advent calendar. And trying to find gifts for two kids to fit inside each door is a little bit of a headache.

I came across a blogger on Pinterest that had the neatest of ideas. She started doing activities instead of gifts each day in December. Some are the simplest of activities that we were already doing. Things like making gingerbread houses and reading the story of the first Christmas. I made sure to include a trip to our favorite mall to see the wonderful Christmas decorations. On another day we're going to enjoy a candlelit dinner by the Christmas tree. I'm also getting them involved with helping me make their teacher's Christmas gifts. I'm also looking forward to making peppermint candy wreaths!
I did simple activities that my kids like to do. Instead of wasting our money on little trinket things that either get broken or eaten by the dog,

I hope this new tradition will be something that the girls will carry with them in their heart.

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