Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving High

Hubby and I are finally coming down from a wonderful Thanksgiving high. It was a great week all around. Hubby took off the entire week from work. Which means that when we spend too much time together around the house it could spell trouble. In my mind he's invading my domestic space and I'm not sure sometimes how to deal with it. We survived grocery shopping together and preparing the house for guests. I was on guarded behavior that week because I didn't want to send him running out of the house to work. I finally realized that after 13 1/2 years of married life he can't read my mind and know what I expect him to do*. I let him know how I do things so an argument wouldn't ensue.

The girls only had to go to school two days of the week, which allowed me to do grocery shopping kid free**. Then they headed to Granny's house for a couple of days leading up to Thanksgiving. I had the kitchen to myself to prepare everything.

When I started thinking of what we needed to do to prepare we started going over the house with a fine tooth comb. One of the things that has been bothering us since we moved in are the toilet seats. I kid you not. They should have been replaced eight years ago when we first moved in. The toilet seat in the master bath was one of those plastic cushioned ones. Just odd. The others had just seen better days. They were actually not as expensive to replace so we did it. It's truly the little things that get us all excited, and we were actually able to do it ourselves. That's impressive, because we can't do anything around the house.

Now on to the good stuff. Preparing the food. I put the turkey breasts in the crock pot. I also made green bean bundles that were to die for! I couldn't forget the macaroni and cheese fans, so we had plenty of that. Mind you there was no powdered cheese involved***! Honey roasted sweet potatoes were also being marinated****. Don't forget the gluttony of desserts. I made my first pecan pie. I also made a chocolate chip pound cake and cherry cream cheese tarts.

Thanksgiving was filled with food, family and a little bit of fun mixed in. My cousin said it best when she said that she enjoyed Thanksgiving better than Christmas. With Thanksgiving there's no pressure on giving the perfect gift. You're spending time with family and it's just that.

Isn't the greatest gift we can give time?

Sum up Thanksgiving like this: Full tummy. Full heart. Full house. Full fridge. Does it get any better than that?

*Seriously? What's taking that man so long?
**Kid free, but Hubby was with me so it could be a tie. I kid. I kid.
***It's just as easy as the box kind, so I think that's what I'll be making from now on. 
****I'm not a sweet potato fan but I thought everybody else was. Thank God my cousin brought regular mashed potatoes.

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  1. Yep, Thanksgiving's way better than Christmas! =)