Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Odd Angel

Recently when perusing through craft web sites looking for crafts and activities to do with my kids I came across something I'm not quite sure about. I had quickly glanced over the name when looking to flip over to another web page. A few seconds later I thought, "Surely that didn't say what I thought it said". I had to go back and check. It did say what I thought it said.

It was an innocent enough looking angel ornament hanging on a tree limb. Adorned with wings and a wooden bead for its head.
 Looks innocent enough, right?

It's a tampon angel. I'm just a little creeped out by it. Obviously, it's not a used one. But still.

I think if I wanted to make something similar I would just go to the fabric store and buy a few yards of some sort of cotton fluff material or something. 

It was one of the crafts that didn't make the list of things to do this year. I'm pretty sure it never will.