Thursday, April 14, 2011

House of Blues

Recently, a vendor that services Hubby and other managers at this office invited us to a concert at the House of Blues. The night would be filled with free appetizers and drinks. It sounded pretty cool so Hubby and I, among others accepted. The singer that was performing was Chris Cornell. He used to be part of Soundgarden*. As a solo artist he's pretty good. I even have one of his songs on my iPod, so I thought, "How bad could it be?"

As I obsessed for days about what I would wear**, Hubby was able to get his parents to come over and stay with the kids. It was a date night and we were going to have some fun. Neither of us had been there, so we were looking forward to the experience. 

I guess we were so excited to go that we were the first of our group to show up. Awkward. The email that our host had sent said, "Your host for the evening is Mo. He'll take you to our private room". When we went to the side door, there was Mo. Mo was someone who could have been mistaken for a Marine mercenary. Very tall, built and he didn't seem to have a sense of humor. You don't mess with Mo. 

When we got on the private elevator it was daylight outside. When we got off of the private elevator, the atmosphere was filled with rock and roll, alcohol and a little bit of sexual tension for grins. The large room was filled with Persian rugs and privates booths. The bar was stocked with skinny bitches playing bartender. 

Finally some others that are part of our group show up. Pretty people that I have absolutely nothing in common with. Just about. I had asked the wife of another couple if she had ever been there before. Her response was that she had been to the gospel brunch on Sunday once in LA. She followed with, "It was great. But, I'm not religious or anything." Huh? Was I supposed to apologize for that? 

Hubby was smart and had a sandwich before we left, I thought I could wait it out. It was a long wait. But, well worth it. The crab cakes were some of the best I had ever had. Sliders, mashed potatoes and prime rib was also served. YUMMY. I figured once the food was served it would be okay to step away from the Coca Cola and go for something a little harder. Those drinks weren't watered down either. It was time to stop after just ONE long island iced tea and go back to Coca Cola.

After the gin and vodka had been diluted in my body, my eyes were clear enough to see the plaques on the wall. There were two of these wall decorations. They were divided into six squares each. Each square had a couple in different positions. Need I go any further? Get my drift? 

Finally, the concert was about to begin and we went to our section. He sort of talked a little. Sang a song. Talked a little. Sang a song. There were a few "F" bombs thrown in. I was just hoping Chris would perform the one song I had on my iPod. He never did. Unless he sang it during the encore, that we didn't choose to stay for. Monday was coming and it was coming fast!

It was something fun we hadn't done before. The vendor mentioned to Hubby that if we ever wanted to see somebody there, just to let him know. It was nice to be treated to a fun night. It was interesting in many ways. But if they talk business again, I just hope it takes place in a private suite at Rangers stadium***. =)

*"Black Hole Sun" ring a bell? If not, that's okay. 
**My wardrobe is a combination of a gym rat's wardrobe and a failed attempt at mismatched, halfway cuteness
***Talk about a wedding stress reliever! A few days before Hubby-to-be and I were married, we were in a private suite at Rangers stadium!! That's awesomeness! 

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