Thursday, March 31, 2011

So You Want a Window That Operates?

During Spring Break* this year, I got a wild hair to look at some model homes in a neighboring city. Gorgeous, doesn't even begin to describe it. The sales lady even had a British accent. I loved to hear her talk. There was one model that we thought was perfect. We walked through and noted all of the questions we had and decided to go talk to the sales lady again.

One of the things I loved about this model was the huge window above the kitchen sink. I have a window above my kitchen sink now. It's not huge by the model standards, but it's a window. I noticed that the window in the model didn't open. How bizarre. So that was a question that I wrote down for the saleslady. 

I have at least three reasons why I like to open the window above my kitchen sink:
*I've been cooking something that seems to have taken a turn for the worse, and I need an infusion of fresh air. 
*It's gotten awfully warm in the kitchen and it needs to be cooled off
*It's a gorgeous day outside, and if I can avoid turning on the a/c I will

When we got back and the saleslady asked for all of our questions we got to the window above the kitchen sink question. Her response was, "You're so cute". When I gave her the reason of just wanting to not turn the a/c on if it's not necessary, she went into the shpeal about how their homes are oh so energy efficient. Dad gum, sometimes I just want to open the window. To get that window to open would  be an upgrade. Something to think about. 

Then it came time to see what lots were available. The lots had premiums so we wanted to know what we would have to include with the cost of the house. Then she marked one lot with a NEGATIVE $55,000 on one particular lot. 

DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING. That noise I heard were the bells going off in my head. On her map it looked like it could have been green space. She mentioned it was an electrical substation. So. We could save the $55,000 now because we'll need it when our kids grow up and develop nervous twitches from living right next to an electrical substation. Amazingly when we drove the neighborhood to see the lots, there were other homes right up next to it. It's their prerogative. 

So, I can forgive the saleslady's pretentiousness when asking about an operable window. But, I have the wherewithal to not settle for a house that butts up against an electric substation. Even if the house was a dream house. 

*Spring Break this year was filled with looking at model homes all around Collin County. There was even a home/lot that Hubby was salivating over. But, his commute would have doubled. Unless he got a job somewhere closer to home. No pressure, dear! =) 

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