Thursday, April 28, 2011

My View

Hubby and I live in an older neighborhood. By older I mean the houses run about 25 years on average. Give or take a few. Recently a neighbor got me into walking in our little neighborhood. The weather has been perfect for it lately.  Why not? Isn't it always better with some good conversation and a lot of humor.

The neighbor works so we've been walking in the evening. But this morning I took the opportunity to get out there and enjoy the fresh morning air. After taking an allergy pill mind you. When I took a look at my hood with fresh morning eyes it was a new perspective. There were things that I enjoyed. 
Who can't pass up a family of ducks? They're everywhere along the trail. They even come up into our yards. 

 There are tons of trees along the trail. Granted they may be trash trees, but they're trees. And they provide lots of shade. I am grateful for them.
The trail also has lots of pedestrian bridges. The trail runs along a creek that's right along my hood at the end of my street. Wanna switch sides or turn around? No problem! Just cross one of the many bridges. 
I can go as far as I want on this trail without having to cross any major roads. There are underpasses for the walker/jogger/biker all along the trail. 
Well, I thought this picture would turn out better, but it didn't. There's women playing tennis in cute little skirts. No one had just t-shirts and shorts on. They were all wearing cute little outfits. Oh my! My first reaction was, "Really?" We're not living in the west part of the city. This is the "normal" part. Granted we're a little closer to the Upper Class than the Lower class, but skirts?!?!?!? 
And the best for last. There's a weirdo fishing! Seriously? I'm not sure why anyone would fish in that water. The ducks,rabbits,turtles and whatever fish there could be are to be fed and looked at. Fed and looked at only. 

By no means is this a walk along a gorgeous coastline. But, it's what I've got and it's pretty good. There's always something better, but there's always something worse. Like no view at all! I have a great view on my walk. Thank you God for all that I am able to take in during my walk! 

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  1. Pedestrian bridges look very brightly and attractive. I thing due to them the visitors are becoming more and more plentiful!