Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Turning 6 and a Sleepover

My little one's birthday came and went. Thank God! She had been talking about it non-stop. That's ALL we talked about. Every day leading up she would ask if it was the day of her party. Finally it came time for the slumber party. WOOHOO!! I can finally stop hearing about it.

In a huge way I love planning the kids parties. In a huge way I hate it. It's stressful and hardly anybody RSVP's anymore. The school makes it impossible to discreetly hand out invites, you either mail the invites or you invite the whole class. I would have loved to mail them if  the PTA would have gotten the directory out by then*. Plus, there was no way I was about to invite a whole class of girls and boys to a sleepover. Don't want that many kids here OR that many gifts. It's just common sense why you can't invite boys to a sleepover anyway.

I had planned for the girls to decorate pillow cases to go with the slumber party theme. We had cupcakes and we had gotten the movie How To Train Your Dragon to watch before lights out. Everything went great. I had made a sample pillow case to show the girls. They were super easy. I got some fabric markers and once I was done with my case I tossed it in the dryer for thirty minutes to set it. 

Here's mine:
It turned out to be a fun little craft that took up a good chunk of time. I'm pretty sure the girls had fun with it. 
This is how J's turned out:

L did a great job on hers as well:
I love how my oldest did a picture of the family. Isn't it scary, crazy how the likeness is so much like Hubby? 

They've wanted to sleep on them ever since. No ink has rubbed off, everything is staying where it should. I credit http://familyfun.go.com/parties/sleepover-party-704560/ for the wonderful ideas! She's a little more grown up and a little less my baby. It sort of breaks my heart. 

*What's the point of getting it out in late February? Half the year is gone. If you can' t get it out by October, don't bother. Save the money and the paper. 


  1. Craig's drawing is greatness. In my mind, L is now officially on the list of kids who can do sketches at Six Flags and charge too much money for them (I love corporate greed.)

  2. Awesome! I need to get her up there to fill out an application! ;)

  3. Hubby even got her a bouquet of balloons from the dollar store on his way home. A week later they are still floating high!!!