Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Laughing Gas is No Laughing Matter

My latest adventure at the dentist was almost a trip! An acid trip.

I was scheduled for  a regular cleaning and my dentist knows that (a) I stress out while in their chair (b) It's not her I hate, just the procedure (c) I fear they are out to get me and take all of my money that I have and will ever have. For those reasons, they give me nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas,  as a courtesy. I am able to chill. I am grateful for that gas every time I go. I can get what I need done, with minimal pain involved and be refreshed after it's all done. Let me tell you, someone could have kicked me in the stomach and I wouldn't have cared. 

But as my body was in a vegetative state, my mind was racing. My goal was to set my phone to my favorite talk radio  app and listen to my favorite talk show host while I drift off. Here's how it went: 

I could really get addicted to this stuff. Maybe addiction could be in the genes. Can life be lived on nitrous oxide? Cool. Mark Davis is about to have Congressman Mike Burgess on and I love to listen to him. It sure beats the country music on the dentist office speaker system. Ding! Hey! Where'd my talk show go? I knew I shouldn't  have commented on so and so's facebook status. On a bad day she gets at least fifteen comments and now I have to get to my iphone to start the talk radio app again. I need to have hubby take off the facebook alert on my phone. It's overrated. I hear Tracey Lawrence on the office radio. Gag. Wife beater. Alleged. I knew I just should have brought my regular ipod that can play the radio. How can a stream of water hurt so much? I am feeling high as a kite and I love it. Now I have to listen to the hygienist talk and hearing what the dentist is saying and I know there will be tears later. 

As I'm feeling high as a kite, it's over.  My dental hygienist turns on the oxygen and I'm coming back to life. Ugh. 

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