Monday, November 8, 2010

A Good Bug

We've been battling a bug in this house for the last couple of weeks. It's just one of those that wouldn't go away. We gave in to the bug. Don't get me wrong. It not of the gross kind, that drips from the nose or gets tossed up from the stomach. Or other types of bugs that leave unspeakable atrocities. It's a wonderful kind of bug. This bug comes with bows and ribbons. Lights and garlands. Chubby little men in warm suits grace this house now. The nativity has been placed in it's treasured spot for all to see and adore.

Yes, it's only the first week of November. Yes. It's 72 degrees outside. No. We haven't even planned Thanksgiving yet. No. We haven't started shopping for gifts yet. But Christmas has shown up in this home!

My husband and I get excited when we see our kids want to take part in decorating the little trees that go in their room. It's fun. It's enjoyable. It's beautiful. It's exhausting.

I love pulling my stocking out of the box. It was made by a family friend for me when I was a child. It has sequins all over and it's just a fond reminder of this wonderful lady who made it for me.

Bring on the Christmas season! Bring on the wonderful food, decorations, carols, and family. The headaches. The over-scheduled calendars. The stress.

Besides all of those things, and the Christmas trappings, let me never forget the reason for the season. The birth of my Lord, Jesus Christ. The baby born in a manger, sent to save us all.

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