Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Little Prayer for the Neighbor.....

Dear Father in Heaven,

As you know my next door neighbors have adult children that like to move out and move back in with their mommy and daddy. It's been very peaceful since the adult son moved out. I was hoping that they wanted to spread their wings and find their own path in life. Outside of this neighborhood,  off of the teet of mommy and daddy.

But, God, you'll understand my dismay when I saw a U-Haul pick up parked next door this morning. Please let it be something else besides one or both of those kids moving back in with mommy and daddy. I beg you, Sweet Jesus, let peace and calmness reign in this little hood of mine. Move in my heart and give me serenity. Speak to me and strengthen me.


They say "Good fences make good neighbors". I also say, "Good kids make good neighbors". The rowdy ones need to grow up. Fast.

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