Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Hour

One of the fun things I like to do when the kids are in school is go have lunch with the hubby! Recently, the hubby and I did just that. We went to our favorite Mongolian grill restaurant. We love this place. It took my hubby 10 years to finally get me to go. After my first visit I was hooked and regretted that it took him 10 years to convince me to try it. 

After lunch was over I still had a little play time before it was time to get the kids. This day was also a Friday so everything was right with the world and the weekend was coming! When I have a little money in my pocket, some free time and I just want to play,  I head to my second favorite cosmetic store and see what new lip gloss I can find. 

I was perusing an aisle when I was approached by one of the makeup artists. She.Was.Gorgeous. She commented on the makeup kit I was looking at and said to me, "Would you like a little mini makeover?". I jumped at the chance. I had time on my hands. Let the fun begin. She asked me what I had planned for the afternoon. I told her I was killing time til it was time to get the girls. This is what she heard, "I'm just shopping til it's time to pick up the friends for a night out". She then said, "Where are you going for happy hour?"

Gorgeous Girl is single and no kids. She also happens to be a wee bit younger than me. I laughed a little and then explained that "getting the girls" for me meant picking up my kids from school. We both had a good laugh about it and all was good. 

When Gorgeous Girl was done, I loved the makeup job. She rocked it. I bought that little kit I had my eye on. I hope I run into her again! 

To sum it up:
It was Friday. 
I had lunch with my hubby. 
I got a mini makeover that didn't suck. 
WOOHOO!!! Life is good! 

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  1. That was a very fun Friday! Thank you for being such great wife!