Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Manners Really Do Matter

We have a cute book on our kids bookshelf that's called Manners Matter. The main characters are from a popular PBS children's show called Arthur. Who would have thought furry rodents could be so entertaining?We read it over and over. Arthur and DJ and some friends teach a gentle lesson to another about being nice and using manners.

Nothing would horrify me more than if my children were to show disrespect to other adults, or kids for that matter. I hope that my husband and I do our best to encourage manners at every turn. Please don't get me wrong, my name is not Emily Post and I am not related to Miss Manners. But we believe that "Please", "Thank You", and "Excuse Me" should be a part of our daily vocabulary.

Apparently, I am in for a rude awakening since not every parent goes by this philosophy. We've had numerous children in and out of our home.  Whether they are friends of our children, or children of our adult friends. Since our children (and my husband and I) are still young there will be many more children in and out. There are some children I love having over and over. There are some that I wish would never come back, until they learn some manners and respect. I can't use the whole girls are nice and boys are bullies excuse, because I've seen lots of boys with better manners than some girls I've been around.

Just let me say that to get to my kids on an on-going basis, you must show me and my house respect. I will not put up with your pouty little temper tantrums, and slamming of the doors. I am not your maid, you have two legs and two arms, clean up after yourself. It would not kill you to crack a smile and say, "Thank you". I don't mind the whole "BFF" mindset. But, you will not be allowed to dominate all of my kid's time that doesn't allow for her to nourish friendships with others. My kid will not be spending entire weekends with you just to keep you entertained. Weekends are also family time. 

I have nothing against kids. I was a kid. I even have a couple. It's really simple, just show me respect and I will show you respect. I have earned that much. So kiddies, crack a smile. You're precious freckles will not fall off. I promise! 

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