Monday, July 16, 2007

The weekend..........

Nothing like cleaning the house for most of a Saturday and then getting ready to visit a Saturday evening church service. Enough about that. Sunday, I tried to cram some time in to train for a work at home project I was hoping to pursue. Well, when I took the test (twice) the first time I made a 58. The second time I made a 78.5. With a 78.5 it said I failed!!! Since when is a 78 a failing grade????? In college of all places a 78 is a passing grade!!! Don't they know this? I am still trying to take it in stride, that I failed. I am also trying to get it through my head, that I am still good enough in God's eyes. It doesn't hurt that my husband still adores me as well. I am a great wife and mother! Maybe I'll try WAHA again in 6 months when I'm eligible again. Or not. Their loss!

Have you ever read a book by Jen Lancaster, titled, Bitter is the New Black? Great book! I'm having a ball!

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