Thursday, July 26, 2007

Being owned by a "good" home

Just when we thought we could take a breather and enjoy a somewhat "cosmetic" upgrade in our home, the a/c goes out. Craig and I wanted to have the shower in our master bath regrouted & recaulked by a professional. God had other plans! The night before the grout guy comes the a/c goes out(Our shower was looking pretty skanky!). We were without a/c from Wednesday night til Friday morning. This after Frymire had just fixed the specific part that broke in April of '06. We don't use Frymire anymore.

Well, thankfully we have an emergency fund that took care of paying for the a/c to get fixed. Ah! Cold air blowing through the vents.

A week later.......

My husband goes out to the car to go to the mens bible study he attends at our church(this was at 5:45am, mind you). Well, what does he spy, but water draining from the hot water heater closet in the garage! Joy! Like we need something else to go wrong with this pit of a house! So, he wakes me and tells me this horrible news and I go ahead and get up. I'm mad at the world because now I can't take a shower til God only knows when, and because something else is wrong with this house. I go about my morning in a baseball cap, fixing my kids lunches for the day. Thank God, they both have a day camp and MDO to go to.

As my morning continues, I find myself not being appreciative of the $11k that we've paid off in debt , in the last 10 months. I'm pissed at how much more we have to go, and that this latest water heater fiasco will set back our payoff date of everything else. We have grand plans for our payoff date. We have our eyes on Disneyworld in the summer of '09. I want to renew my vows with my husband. Debt free.

I'm standing alone in my home, yelling at Satan to get the hell out of my house. Literally! Satan is trying to break us, trying to get his foot in the door. I am slamming the door on that foot. He may not know this yet, but he doesn't win. God always wins, we will continue the good fight. God is my rock and my fortress. I yelled out, in the name of Jesus Christ, that Satan needs to leave. There is no room for him, here at this inn. I actually felt better after my yell fest.

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