Monday, February 13, 2012


Over the weekend we lost a wonderful singer. Some would say that her voice was of the angels.

I happened to love her in the movie Waiting to Exhale*.

When news of her death spread, we were inundated with "tweets" from celebrities expressing their condolences. Many expressed that they never saw this coming.

Really? How can they say they didn't see this coming?

As late as Thursday night she was on tape interrupting an interview clearly disheveled and not in her right mind. If you happened to catch any of the short lived series Being Bobby Brown, you saw first hand the madness that was the Bobby Brown/Whitney Houston household. Yes it could have been for the show, but there were demons in that household that needed to be exorcised. Unfortunately it provided a lot of fodder in my own household.

Is it the entertainment industry's responsibility to require the celebs to clean up their acts? This has happened way too many times. Money is their god and their demon. 

Those demons are pretty easy to spot for outsiders. Outsiders who happen to have a relative fighting the same demons. Or have fought and lost.

I'm the adult daughter of an alcoholic. One drink was too much for my dad. A thousand drinks wasn't enough. He lost his battle with the demons at fifty years of age. He did a 30 day stay in rehab. I was blessed with  about two months of glorious family life when he was sober. Then he relapsed for good. Maybe I should say he relapsed for worse. 

Either you beat the demons, or the demons beat you.

*so sue me.

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