Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Don't Bother Stopping At THis House

Sometimes I get a glimpse of what my life will be like with teenage girls. Our neighbors across the street have two teenage girls and I'm not crazy about the glimpse they have provided. We've been in our house over eight years. We've seen them grow from little girls to the age of the oldest just moving out last summer*.

In my hood you don't come across people too often. Hardly anybody does their own yard work, if they do they're nose is so far in the dirt that they don't have time to say hello. These are one of the few neighbors that I could actually tell you their name.

Now their youngest is old enough to date. It's quite a sad thing to see**. I'm hoping this latest boy won't last long. He's a little kid in a teenage body driving a convertible Ford Mustang***. He can't spend the time to get out of his car and go up to the door. His way of calling for her to come out is to rev the engine or honk the horn.


Why is this ok? One time, the dad even escorted his daughter out to the car because he wanted to sit in the car. Where is the self-respect of this young girl? If I could I would go to her and just shake her and tell her she is worth so much more! Why is it that the parents are ok with this?

Why is she that desperate for this kid's attention? Does her dad not give her the attention that she should have gotten all of these years? Has her mother not told her that she is a gift from God and deserves to be treated like a lady?

I would like to take this young punk and give him some lessons on how it doesn't take one minute to get his lazy behind out of his stupid car to ring a doorbell. If she is worth the gas to go pick up, she is worth turning off the engine and going to the front door. Each and every time. This just screams to me (the outsider) there is nothing respectable about him.

Young lady, he may be the first but he won't be the last. Kick him to the curb. You deserve and should demand so much more!

Warning to any boy in my daughter's future:

You won't only have my husband to contend with. You will also deal with me. You will show us the respect that we deserve. You will treat my daughters as the precious children of God we have raised them to be. If you think it's ok to just rev your engine or honk, keep driving. Don't bother stopping.

*unfortunately she didn't move away to college.
**isn't it wild how other people's children grow up?
***it looks as if it's pretty spanking new.

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  1. I could call this post "A Summation of the Great, Short Book called Interviewing your Daughter's Date".

    Or just brilliant.