Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The World Is Your Oyster

It's that time of year again. The one where your mailbox is filled with wonderful announcements. Announcements of dreams fulfilled. Twelve years of hard work, studying, football games, exams, parties. High school graduation is a wonderful mark in most everybody's life. It's closing the door on our adolescence and opening another to our future adulthood. Whether that includes going into the military, making the journey to college or joining the workforce. It's their choice. The world is their oyster.

It's worth celebrating. Shout it out to the mountaintops! To those that we see on a most regular basis to those we haven't seen in a number of years. When do we know what is appropriate to send as a gift?When is a card enough? Just because you get an announcement does Miss Manners say that we are obligated to send a gift? Are we supposed to consider how much the travel expenses would be? 

Obviously, each person's financial situation is different. Not everyone at every time can  give a gift of monetary value. Nor, may they want to. There are many different types of gifts.  

If  most expect some sort of monetary gift, is it too much to expect a thank you note that consists of more than ONE sentence?  I guess that one sentence thank you note is better than no thank you note at all. Instead of presents, when is presence enough? 

Whether a gift is received and a thank you note written, congratulations graduates! You have the world ahead of you. Every possibility awaits. Your childhood behind you, the world ahead. Take advantage of every great opportunity. Seek counsel from others when there seems to be too many choices, or not enough. Most of all, enjoy every moment!


  1. Congratulations, indeed, to all those who have put in the hard work to now start the hard part of their journey. Easy street life is over grads. And I think that is AWESOME!!

  2. Even though I'm older than dirt, I remember "when" and it was good. Kind of the peak of life.