Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Caviar and Donuts

Let me tell you, an anniversary is worth celebrating! It's worth acknowledging all that you have gone through in the last year, and all that you look forward to in the future. It's a wonderful time away from the kids, to remind ourselves that we are husband and wife before we are mom and dad. Last but not least, it was a great excuse to bring out the gorgeous Ralph Lauren one shoulder navy dress* out of the closet!

We started out going to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It's probably overpriced to many, but for one special night out of the year it's worth it. Hubby had called ahead and made our reservation and mentioned that it was our anniversary. As we were seated, our hostess scattered rose petals across the table.

After we had ordered our meal, the waiter had brought out a small plate of caviar with embellishments. Compliments of the staff. Hubby and I were in awe. We had never tried caviar before, so we had no idea what we were in for. We took one for the team and tried it. It was the closest to a fishy taste without the texture. I like fish, but I want the texture when I eat something fishy. 

When we got our main coarse, it was one of the most perfect steaks I've ever had. Who do I have to pay to teach me how to make a steak this good? I want to know the secrets!! I savored every wonderful bite. 

At the end we knew that we shouldn't, but how could we pass up dessert on our one night at one of the best restaurants in town? But we didn't pick one of the traditional desserts on the menu. We actually picked cinnamon sugar donuts with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I've never had a donut like this. 

In our Saturday night finest we've started the meal with caviar and ended it with donuts. How romantic! It was  a wonderful atmosphere, great food and terrific company!

When we were done with dinner the subject of what to do next popped up. We thought about going to the movie or going to hang out at the bookstore. Hhmm....then Reunion Tower popped into my brain. I thought it would be fun to go to the top of the tower and see the wonderful city and watch the sun go down. Wolfgang Puck has a restaurant at the top of the tower called Wolfgang Puck's 560. It's named 560 because it's 560 feet up in the air. We had no room left for any more food, so we hung out in the bar and watched the city go from early dusk to night time. It's really unique at 560 because the floor rotates, very gently and slowly. It takes about an hour to turn completely around and see the wonderful city. 

Our next night out, it's a shoe in that we'll make reservations for 560. Hubby and I look forward to spending a nice dinner time out with this gorgeous view. 

*awesome purchase for $45 from, brand new with the tags still on it. 


  1. It was wonderful to celebrate thirteen AWESOME years of having the honor of being your husband! This was one of our best dates ever too!! Let's top it next anniversary, but let's not wait a whole year to top it either. ;-)

  2. Where did y'all go??

    Hope the two of you had a fantastic anniversary. :)

  3. I'm glad you've savored every bit of that steak! Height is really terrific!