Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Favorite Furniture Store

There is a furniture store I just LOVE.

It looks rich and old and very distinguished, yet the sales people are the nicest I've ever met. What's even better is that the prices don't bust the budget. They have a great little "Christian Book Nook" inside each store. It's fun to take the kids into the "Country Store" and pick out a soda that's still in a glass bottle and maybe an ounce or two of their favorite candy at the moment.

I had some alone time yesterday. I went into my favorite furniture store just to browse. I'm looking for the perfect leather coffee table. I found it. It's the most beautiful leather upholstery. It has at least 9 tufted buttons and the feet are very nice. There is nothing plain about this coffee table. But, it's not too terribly fancy either. It's just perfect. I decided to take the afternoon and think on it. I wanted to drag my husband in to take a look at it.

As we were driving to the furniture store I started wondering if the coffee table was so pretty that it would "over class" my dumb looking couch and love seat from a lower class furniture store. This couch and love seat have seen better days. We're tired enough of them, but it's not a priority to get a new one at this time. I'm just tired enough of the empty spot where there should be a coffee table to fill up.

Sure enough my husband thought the same thing. He liked the coffee table so much that he was enticed into the leather couch and love seat that went with the coffee table. The couch and love seat are not in the budget at this time.

So we head upstairs to the clearance section of the store. I had been there earlier in the day, so I knew there was another leather coffee table up there. It was less expensive, but not as nice. It was just a functional table to get us through til we can just refurnish the entire room. We pick it up on Monday.

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