Thursday, August 1, 2013

For the Love of Everything Social

I've grown weary. I'm tired of sorting through all the junk on facebook.

I realize that it's out there for each one of us to post whatever we feel like. And haven't we all learned that there are some things we just shouldn't post?

Can I just mention a few?

I'm tired of seeing what people post on pinterest attached to their facebook account. Most likely I follow you on pinterest, so I don't need to see it on facebook as well.

I really could care less what photos you like on instagram. I'm not on instagram. Don't care to be. And I especially don't care to see which pictures you like. After some of the pictures I've seen you like, I wish I could stick a fork in my eye.

Please stop with the recipes. I get plenty from pinterest and the cookbooks in my home. And like I said, if I follow you on pinterest I will have already seen them. I don't want to see them on facebook as well. It's really exhausting when people "share" the same recipes over and over with no intention of ever making it. The intention is to get somebody else to make it for you. Not gonna happen.

To the animal rescue people: good gosh, please stop. I love animals. I really do. I even have one of my own. But not everyone loves them like you. I'm glad that's your passion in life. I don't think it should be your whole life.

There seems to be those that confuse facebook with twitter. I don't need a play by play of any sort of activity. Whether it be an athletic event or some other activity. Quit with the play by play.

I've tried blocking apps, but it just doesn't seem to work.  Mark Zuckerberg, if you're out there, could you help a girl out? Help me make my facebook experience a little more enjoyable and a little less eye rolling. I know. I know. It's MZ's road or the highway. He's not exactly into making the facebook thing user friendly. 


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